Do Wax Apples Go Bad

Do Wax Apples Go Bad?

Wax Apples are available in tropical countries and go by various names, such as water apples, rose apples. It has the appearance of a pear, with a waxy exterior. It contains a rich potassium source that is healthy for your body. Wax apple can be eaten fresh and make a salad because the fruit is very refreshing and quite hydrating.

It is so juicy in taste and contains lots of vitamins. The delicious bell-shaped fruit ranges in various colors from white to pale green, green, red, purple, crimson, to deep purple.

How to Store Wax Apple?

Wax apples are very refreshing and contain dietary fibers, which improve the metabolic activity of your body. It is a rich source of vitamin A and C. It also contains potassium, magnesium, calcium, and iron. When you buy the fruit in bulk, the storage of that fruit depends upon the current state of that fruit, i.e., either the fruit is ripe or unripe.

So, while buying the fruit, make sure what you are buying. The choice of fruit is very important because the storage depends upon what kind of fruit you have bought, which means if you have bought mature ones, then their storage technique will be different from the unripe ones.

In Pantry

You can keep the growing wax apples on your counter for about 2-3 days so they can be ripened well. Make sure that you don’t keep them near heat; place them in a cool environment. Also, try to keep them away from sunlight because the fruit will perish due to heat.

In a Refrigerator

The mature wax apples should be kept inside the refrigerator as they will remain fresh there. Don’t leave them in your pantry for a longer period. Instead, wash the fruit, put them in a basket, and keep them in the refrigerator. If you have leftover wax apples cut into pieces or refrigerate the cut wax apple, then use plastic bags or airtight bags to be oxidized.

If you bought the fruit in bulk, you can also cut the fruit and put them in the freezer. Still, it won’t taste good after a certain period because the taste will no longer be the same as the fruit will lose its hardness and become soft gradually and will no longer be crispy.

Can You Freeze Wax Apple?

The fresh fruits are always tastier and better than the frozen ones, but if you want to freeze wax apples, it is not suitable because the juicy and crispy wax apples will no longer be crispier with time. Also, if you freeze apples for a longer period, they will start to lose their flavor.

Frozen wax apples are not suitable for eating raw as they will not be crispy, but yes, you can use them in your other dishes. So, try to buy the fruit in a limited quantity that you can consume within the period, and there will be no need to freeze it.

How Long Does Wax Apple last?

The life span for fruits is very little and especially for the apples. Wax apples have a very low shelf life because, with time, they start losing their taste properties. At your counter, the wax apples can last up to more than five days if they are not fully matured or ripened but if they are already ripe, then placing them at your counter for a longer period (more than 3-4 days) is not a suitable idea because it will start losing its properties.

The shelf-life of wax apples depends on the steps you have taken for their storage. The wax apples in the refrigerator can last for a few more days, but the sliced pieces of wax apples must be placed in an airtight bag because if they are left open, they will be oxidized, their color will be changed, and they will lose their flavor.

How to Tell If Wax Apple Is Bad?

As you know that the wax apples can easily go bad after a certain period, so store them with proper care and if you think that your fruit has gone bad then, there will be some different signs showing the spoilage of the fruit which includes foul smell and the change in texture. So, if you observe any of the following signs, throw the fruit away because consuming that rotten fruit can be dangerous for your health.

Appearance: when wax apples turn bad, their color changes, mold growth, and creased skin may be observed, which means that the texture will deteriorate.

Taste: The taste of wax apples can be changed if they are spoiled; they will no longer be juicy and crispy.

Smell: the wax apples which are spoiled or rotten may produce a bad odor. The smell will tell you right away that the fruit is spoiled.