Do Walnuts Go Bad?

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Walnuts are one of the most popular dry fruits. This delicious dry fruit is used in winters in many parts of the world. It is a shelf-stable fruit. Sometimes, you may find its taste a bit bitter than usual, and you start wondering, do walnuts go bad?

Like peanuts, walnuts can also go bad. It depends on the storage conditions. If you store them properly, they will last for a longer period. In this article, we will explain the storage, shelf-life, and going bad of walnuts briefly.

How To Store Walnuts?

If you have brought a large number of walnuts for long term use, you should store them in good conditions so that they can last for as long as possible. Walnuts can be stored in the same way as other nuts are stored. Walnuts contain oil, which can go bad very quickly.

There are two types of walnuts sold in the market, one is shelled, and the other is unshelled. The storage conditions for these are different as the unshelled walnuts can last for a longer period and do not require much storage conditions. To store walnuts properly, you need to take care of the following things.

Place in a cold and dark place

Unshelled walnuts do not require any refrigeration. You can store them at room temperature for a long time. But always keep in mind, you should store them in a dark place away from the sunlight or other heat sources. The cupboard in the kitchen or pantry is the best place.

Store in the refrigerator

Shelled walnuts can go bad very quickly at room temperature. So, to increase its shelf life, the fridge is the best place to store them. You can store the unopened walnuts package on the fridge, and there is no need for extra wrapping.

Store in the freezer

The freezer is the best place to store the walnuts for a very long period as we know that the shelled walnuts can go bad very quickly. So, if you want to store them for a longer period, you need to store them in the freezer. Use airtight containers or freezer bags to store the walnuts in the freezer.

Keep it away from sunlight.

It is better to keep the walnuts away from sunlight or heat sources. If they are kept away from light and temperature changes, they can retain their peak quality for a longer period.

Can You Freeze Walnuts?

As we have discussed above, if you want to store the walnuts for the long term, you need to store them in the freezer. So, yes, walnuts can be stored in the freezer for a long period. Its shelf-life is also increased. They can be kept in the freezer for almost one year.

If you have not opened the walnuts package, you can put it in the freezer as it is. And if the package is opened, you need to transfer the walnuts in an airtight container or freezer bags before putting them in the freezer.

How Long Do Walnuts Last?

Walnuts have a bit long shelf-life. However, the shelf-life of shelled and unshelled walnuts are quite different. Unshelled walnuts can stay fresh at room temperature for a year. But the longer you try to store the unshelled walnuts, the more they will come out bad after cracking.

While shelled walnuts cannot retain their best quality for a year, they need good storage conditions to last for a long period. If you store them in the fridge, they can retain their best quality for up to six months. But if you store them in the freezer, they can last up to a year retaining their peak quality.

How to Tell If Walnuts Are Bad?

If the walnuts are stored for a longer period, there will be more chance that it may go bad. Or if you have not stored them in good storage conditions, then they may get rancid. When the oil present inside the walnuts gets rancid, then it will spoil the walnut as well.

If you cannot tell whether the walnuts have gone bad or not, you need to check for some signs of spoilage.

  • The shell of the walnut is very hard and protective. If the shell looks dried out and shrunk, then you need to get rid of it.
  • If the shell is not shrunk or dried out and looks fine, you need to check the inner part. If you notice any net formation or signs of mold, you need to discard your walnuts.
  • Walnuts have a nutty and pleasant smell. To check whether it is fine or not, give it a good sniff. If it smells like spoiled oil, then it means that the walnut is rancid. Try to get rid of it at once.
  • Fresh walnuts have a delicious taste. If the walnuts taste bitter, then you should discard them. Rancid walnuts have a bitter taste.