Do Velvet Beans Go Bad

Do Velvet Beans Go Bad?

Velvet beans are shrubs native to Africa, India, and the Caribbean. However, it has more medicinal values as it contains a high amount of Levodopa, a drug used in treating Parkinson’s disease.

In some countries, people also use it as a replacement for coffee beans, and it gives a strong aroma after being roasted. It is also called Nescafe, and as its name suggests, it can be used in making coffees and teas.

They usually do not go bad early, but they can go stale if they are not stored properly.

How To Store Velvet Beans?

If you want to retain your velvet beans’ flavor, you should store them properly because they do not go bad, but they will lose their rich flavor and aroma if they get exposed to light or air.

Usually, velvet beans are packaged in dark color containers to avoid exposure to light, and it is the best option to store them because it is observed that when velvet beans are stored in transparent containers, they go stale early and lose potency.

You can opt for the following methods while storing your velvet beans,

Keep it in an Opaque Container

When you bought your velvet beans, the first important thing to notice is the container in which they are stored, if the color is opaque and light cannot pass through it, then you are good to go forward without changing anything, and you can store the container of your velvet beans in a cool, dry and dark place like a cupboard.

But if you notice that the container is transparent and light can pass through it, then it is better to change the container to a darker one and then store them.

Keep It as Whole

You can store your velvet beans in a roasted form as well as the whole form. But it is better to store them as a whole because it will increase the chances of your coffee beans remaining fresh for a long time, and you will be able to retain the rich flavor and strong aroma.

In roasted velvet beans, they are not as stable as the whole ones because they are already exposed to the cooking process, which can somehow cause them to lose their aroma.

Refrigerate it

You can also store your velvet beans in the refrigerator, which can help you retain their freshness and flavor.

Can You Freeze Velvet Beans?

If you want to preserve the flavor and aroma of your velvet beans for a long time of about one year, you should opt for the freezing option. You can do this by putting them into freezer bags and try to seal the zip of the bags perfectly because if it is left open, an extremely cold temperature can cause your velvet beans to go stale.

You can freeze them as a whole or roasted, but it is better to freeze them as a whole to maintain the freshness. Try to keep it in the freezer and take it out of the freezer only when you need to use it.

How Long Does Velvet Bean Last?

When it comes to the shelf life of velvet beans, there is a saying that they last forever. It is true to some extent that they can last for a very long time, but they can go bad, and even mold growth can also occur in them if moisture is exposed to them.

Roasted velvet beans remain flavorful for a week; after that, they will start to lose potency, and you can notice the difference in flavor. It is advised that you keep your roasted velvet beans in the freezer because once they are being exposed to the cooking process, they will become less stable in terms of flavor richness.

Whole velvet beans remain good for way too long, and you can easily store them at room temperature. But always try to keep them away from moisture as it can cause mold growth in your velvet beans. You can also keep them in the refrigerator or freezer.

How to Tell if Velvet Bean Is Bad?

Velvet beans are popular because of their strong aroma, and when you brew fresh velvet beans, they will taste just best. But this strong aroma and rich flavor will be gone if you don’t store them properly.

Following are some changes that can occur in the velvet beans that have gone stale,

  • Blighted Texture: If you notice that the beans have a faded appearance, it shows that they have become stale.
  • Less Aroma: This is the most important sign because in most of the cases, those velvet beans that have gone stale, their aroma became less potent.
  • Mold Growth: If velvet beans are exposed to moisture, you will notice the grey-colored layer over the surface of your beans.