Do Sweet Potatoes Go Bad

Do Sweet Potatoes Go Bad?

Sweet potatoes belong to a versatile class of vegetables. It can be used in soups, pies, good for sides like fries, crisps, and salads. It can go any way you like. They are rich in fiber, potassium, antioxidants, and vitamins. It is nutritious yet fulling.

Nothing lasts a lifetime. Likewise, sweet potatoes also go bad after a certain period. Their shelf life can be increased or decreased depending on the storage conditions they are provided. The life of sweet potatoes can be enhanced if we take small preventive measures into account.

How to store your sweet potatoes?

Sweet potatoes are starchy and contain a huge amount of water content. The substance that has a large amount of stored water tends to go bad easily. The same is the case with sweet potatoes; they will go bad quickly if they are not given proper attention.

The first question striking your mind will be, “Can we store the cooked sweet potatoes or the uncooked ones?” Well, the good news is that you can do both, but each of them has its own limited store life.

Place in your pantry

If you have just brought your sweet potatoes home from the grocery store, you can keep them in your pantry. Your pantry provides the right temperature to them. The low temperature will stiffen up your sweet potatoes, changing their texture.

Your sweet potatoes will grow buds if kept in a warm environment. So, you will have to keep them away from both extreme conditions.

Refrigerate it

The cooked sweet potatoes do not last as long as the uncooked ones. They can retain their goodness for up to a week in your fridge. The sweet potatoes can absorb odor from the food items present in the refrigerator. So, they should be properly covered.

You can use an airtight container to store your sweet potatoes, so no environmental contaminants spoil your sweet potatoes. You can also use a food saver device to preserve your sweet potatoes.

Storing cut sweet potatoes

You are cooking a meal for one person, so you have used half of your sweet potato. You are left with the other half of it and do not know how to store it—confused, right?  Well, there is a very simple and easy solution to this problem. You will have to dip your sweet potato in water.

It will prevent the oxidation of sweet potato, and it will not turn black. You can only store it for a maximum of two days, but you should try to consume it as soon as you can.

Can you freeze your sweet potato?

Are you thinking of storing your sweet potatoes for the rest of the season? You can do so by freezing your sweet potatoes. The uncooked frozen sweet potatoes give a dry texture when they are cooked. If you freeze the cooked sweet potatoes, they will provide you with the same perfect texture and flavor.

You can cook, bake, boil and or steam your sweet potatoes. You can make small portions of it, so you only thaw the amount you have to eat. You can transfer your portions into a zip lock bag so they do not get freeze burn.

How long do sweet potatoes last?

The freshly brought sweet potatoes can stay for up to two months in your pantry.  If they are kept in a well-ventilated and dry area, they will not go bad quickly. They will spoil in a month if they are placed in a humid place.

The cut sweet potatoes will last for a week in your fridge. The cooked ones kept in the refrigerator stay fresh for two weeks. The frozen sweet potatoes survive the longest until they are thawed repeatedly. They will be consumed before they go bad.

How to tell if sweet potatoes are bad?

Sweet potatoes go bad after some time. You need to know about bad sweet potatoes’ signs and symptoms, so no one consumes the bad ones. The bad sweet potatoes may cause some serious ailments.

  • If there is budding on your sweet potatoes, it is a sign that they will go bad soon. You can use them by cutting off the buds.
  • The skin of the sweet potatoes becomes wrinkly, and there can be blisters on it too.
  • The sweet potatoes become mushy after going bad. Their texture is near to that of slime.
  • The sweet potatoes lose water when they are gone bad. The released water is stinky and attracts small moths. You should throw them away without any second thoughts.
  • There may be molds on your sweet potatoes, indicating their rancidity; hence, they can not be used any further.
  • The color of sweet potatoes changes when they go bad, turning from reddish-brown to dark brown.