Do Sugarsnap Peas Go Bad?

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Did you happen to see the Sugarsnap Peas at the supermart and do not know what they are or if you will buy them, then how’d you store them. Sugarsnap Peas or snap peas belong to the legume family of plants. They are tender, sweet, and can be eaten pod and all.

Peas take so well to freezing that people store many of them in their freezers for future usage. You can even get peas or Sugarsnap Peas easily from the nearby grocery store in cans, frozen packets, or sometimes dried. They can go bad if not stored properly, but proper storage can lead to long-term use.

How to Store Sugarsnap Peas

Like other vegetables, they will taste fresher if sooner Sugarsnap Peas are eaten after buying them. However, you can store them for a limited time to retain their freshness and relish their taste. One thing is to note here that the peas sold frozen or canned have longer shelf life than the fresh peas. We are going to tell you the methods to store fresh peas.

Store In A Moist Free Place

After taking the fresh Sugarsnap Peas home, take them out of the plastic bag into a basket. Wash them and let them strain dry. Place this basket in a moist free and use it within 1-2 days.


Blanch your Sugarsnap Peas by boiling them in water and then plunging them into an ice-water bath. You can use this process before freezing your peas as it keeps them fresh and tasty for a long.

Put your peas (out of pods) in boiling water. After cooking for 1-1/2 minutes, drain the water and transfer your cooked peas to an ice water bowl which was ready. It ceases the cooking process immediately.

Now leave here for 1 2 minutes and drain again. These are blanched sugar peas that you will spread on a baking sheet and freeze for 2 -3 hours. Make small portions of these peas and transfer them into a freezing bag for future use.


For use within 4-5 days, you can keep the peas refrigerate, but you don’t have to remove their pods for that. They can retain their texture and taste inside the pods as compared to outside.


Like most eatables, freezing is the longest and the most reliable way to store your Sugarsnap Peas. We recommend you freeze the peas after taking them from pods as it takes less space and frosts them quickly, opt for blanching before freezing if you want to use peas for more than three months.

Can You Freeze Sugarsnap Peas

Sugarsnap peas are in season for a few weeks of the spring season. They are the best treatment and sweet enough that you can consume them raw. Do you want to enjoy them beyond their season? If so, then freeze them.

There are two ways to freeze your Sugarsnap Peas. One is just taking them out of the pod, put them in a plastic or freezing bag and freeze. The second is to blanch before freezing. The former method results in slightly slimy and discolored peas while the latter gives fresh vegetables ready to eat after getting thawed.

How Long Do Sugarsnap Peas Last

The Sugarsnap Peas last their longest in the freezer, especially when they are blanched. During this process, the enzymes responsible for decomposing the organic matter of the plucked vegetable are destroyed, thus retaining its freshness and taste. The balanced peas last for almost eight months in the freezer without getting their taste lost.

However, if you opt for eating your Sugarsnap peas without refrigerating or freezing, then make sure you consume them within a maximum of 2 days of plucking. As the sugar in these sweet peas starts converting into starch, so consume as early as possible. Peas that you can’t use in a week should be frozen.

How To Tell If Sugarsnap Peas Is Bad

To tell if your Sugarsnap Peas are bad is by looking at them and smelling them. If you note the following changes, then it means the peas are bad.

  • Off-Appearance: If the peas start discoloring or mold appears, it is a clear sign of its rotting, and you have to discard it.
  • Discoloring: The cooked peas are bad when they start appearing brown or clumsy. At this point, the vegetable lost its taste and not safe to eat.
  • Sour Smell: Whether cooked or raw peas, both will start smelling sour in case of going bad.
  • Slimy Texture: Almost all the peas start showing up with a slimy texture when they are going bad.
  • White Skin: White skin indicates going bad of freeze peas as it is freezer burn. Moreover, a wrinkly texture will appear along with this white skin, indicating that you have to discard these Sugarsnap peas; it is no longer safe to consume.