Do Sugar Apples Go Bad

Do Sugar Apples Go Bad?

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The sugar apple, also known as sweetsop, is a fruit from Annona squamosal. The fruit weight can go from 100 grams to 240 grams. It is spherical conical. It has knobby segments composed of thick rind. It is soft, slippery, and slightly grainy.

The sugar apple has a brown to black coat, although a few almost are seedless. The flesh of sugar apple is sweet and fragrant, creamy white through yellow, and it tastes and resembles custard. This article will help you to know all the different ways on how you can store your Sugar apple.

How to Store Sugar Apples

For every food to last long, it is very important to store it in good condition to retain the taste and quality for a long time. The shelf life of Sugar apple is only two days. Sugar apple is a burst of nutrition and minerals such as vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B4, vitamin B5, iron, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorous Sugar apple is an excellent source of vitamin.

The sugar apple is cultivated in southern Mexico, in most India, South America, the West Indies, and Bermuda. Sugar apple seeds have a long life starching to 3 to 4 hours, but unfortunately, the sugar apple fruit can only last for three days. Below are the various ways you can keep your Sugar apple fresh and ready to use for a longer period.

Store It In The Fridge

The Sugar apple will also stay in the fridge only for three days, but it will retain its freshness for the complete three days. The Sugar apple should not be stored in a warm place.

Away From Heat

The Sugar apple only stays fresh in a tropical or near-tropical climate. It doesn’t succeed in cold regions. Generally, it does best in dry areas as it is drought tolerance.

Root Cellar

Depending on the humidity of your cellar or even a dark cupboard, you can even store the fruit for months. This might be a great way of storing as you can decrease global warming because no electricity is used, which also makes it cheap.

Sugar Apple Pulp

You can extract the sugar apple pulp and keep it in the plastic box. The plastic box must be kept in the freezer and go on for more than a year. The pulp will stay fresh and will retain its texture throughout the year.

Can You Freeze Sugar Apples

Freezing is also a good idea as you can place the sugar apples in the containers seal them tight. Then you can place them in the freezer. The sugar apple will last for a year. The sugar apple will retain its freshness and will stay throughout the year unchanged.

Use high-quality freezer bags that ensure no air to pass through. When any fruit is frozen, there is no chance of bacteria growth, but freezing does not kill bacteria. Frozen fruits are mostly less perishable. It is recommended to freeze the sugar apples.

How Long Does Sugar Apples Last

The shelf life of sugar apple is only 2 to 4 days which is less, but we can retain its freshness by preserving the fruit. The fruit can be preserved by freezing which will last throughout the year. You can also extract the pulp from the sugar apples and keep them in a plastic container airtight. Sugar apple retains their minerals if they are frozen, but there is a problem: they tend to lose vitamin c when frozen. The raw sugar apples freeze better.

Then store the sugar apple in the fridge, which will last throughout the year. The best and reliable way to store the fruit is to keep it in the freezer with its original packing or store it in the root cellar. The hard seeds are shiny in the sugar apple, which may vary from 20 to 40.

How To Tell If Sugar Apples Are Bad

There is a time when every fruit begins to decompose. The sugar apple starts to decompose after four days. When fruit decomposes, it is not worth digestion and can harm you. The fruit was brought to Asia by Spanish traders.

The color of sugar apple is blue-green through pale green and has a deep pink-colored blush in lots of varieties. Now let’s look at some points which may help you to ensure on how to know if the sugar apple is not suitable for eating.

  • Smell: The smell becomes strong and funny. It would be unbearable; the smell of sugar apple will be different from when it was first bought.
  • Insects: The insects feed on decomposed fruits usually. The insects feeding on the fruit are a great warning that your food is rotten.
  • Appearance: The round and soft texture of the fruit changes to a wobbly, funny texture. When the texture changes, it indicates that it is decomposing.