Do Strawberry Guavas Go Bad

Do Strawberry Guavas Go Bad?

Strawberry guava also goes by the names of Cherry guava and Cattley guava. It grows on the branches of the tree, which is tall up to 13 meters. Strawberry guava is a sweet fruit that has Guava like flavor with a hint of the strawberry flavor. The fruit can be eaten along with its skin but is often removed for a sweeter flavor. A completely ripped fruit has a dark red color.

The fruit is grown in tropical regions and Indian and Pacific oceans and is native to the Amazon. However, the fruit is grown in South America and other warm regions of Asia.

How To Store Strawberry Guava

Strawberry guava is a sweet fruit with juicy flesh inside. It is usually grown in warm regions, making them go bad in few days if not taken care of. Here we discuss some of the storage methods you can imply to store your fruit safely.

Room Temperature

Keeping the fruit on the kitchen shelf will make it go bad faster. It is not suggested to keep the fruit on the shelf of the kitchen at all. However, for some reason, you have to keep it on the table or kitchen shelf, then, first of all, make sure not to wash the fruit. The moisture will accelerate the rotting process.

Another thing you should avoid when you keep your fruit at room temperature is not to peel the skin off and then store the meat of the fruit in an airtight container. This will cause the fruit to go rotten and catch mold.


The fruit is grown in warm regions, so the most preferred storage method is to store it in refrigeration. The refrigerator provides with cool and dry environment feasible for the long life of the fruit. To store your fruit in the refrigerator, one can place the whole fruit in the vegetable compartment.

It is feasible to store your fruit without skin, but the fruit life span will reduce to a few days only. You should not wash the fruit before placing it in the refrigerator; wash it only when you have to eat the fruit.


Freeing your fruit is a good way to make your fruit last longer for a couple of days. Freezing your fruit is simple; you can only place the fruit directly in the freezer, or you can take out the skin and freeze the meat of the fruit itself.

Can You Freeze Strawberry Guava

Freezing strawberry guava is very easy and is often practiced to make the fruit last longer for a few months to use in the off-season. You have to place the fruit in the freezer and wait for it to freeze. Freezing the whole fruit consumes space so, people often take out the skin and seed from the fruit and freeze the meat in an open container. You can paste the fruit by squashing it and then place it in the freezer, which can later be enjoyed as a frozen dessert. Or you can also freeze the juice from the fruit.

How Long Does Strawberry Guava Last

Like any other tropical fruit, the strawberry guava has a shorter shelf life and needs to be taken care of. Typically, strawberry guava can last for about 2 – 3 days at room temperature in warmer regions, and then it starts rotting. If you peel off the skin of the fruit, then it will sustain for a day only.

Commonly people refrigerate the fruit. Refrigeration can increase the life of the fruit for a week; then, you will start to see spoilage signs on the fruit only if the storage instructions are followed correctly. Otherwise, the fruit will go bad in no more than 3 – 4 days.

If you want to use the fruit in the off-season, then it is suggested that you freeze the fruit. Freezing the fruit extends the life of the fruit by 3 – 5 months. Freezing the paste or juice of the fruit can last for about three months maximum.

How To Tell If Strawberry Guava Is Bad

Strawberry guava exhibits different signs which show that your fruit has gone bad. Here we discuss some of the signs from which you can identify bad strawberry guava.

  • Appearance: The very early spoilage sign can be visually identified in the fruit. If the outer fruit’s outer skin applies a little pressure, then the fruit has gone bad. You will witness mold development and rotten parts in the fruit. The inner flesh of the fruit will go dark and black.
  • Smell: On smelling rotten strawberry guava, you will feel a very bad odor, just like rotten berries. Normally the fruit has a sweet aroma. If you feel this bad smell, then it is wise not to use the fruit.
  • Taste: It is suggested if the above two signs are evident, then you should not taste the fruit, or you will have a bitter rotten sensation.