Do Star Apples Go Bad

Do Star Apples Go Bad?

Star apple is a fruit native to Central America, and it has a star-like shape in the center, as its name suggests. It has a rounded appearance from the outside with dark purple-colored skin.

It has shiny skin and firm texture, and its flesh has shades of two colors that are white and purple. Its taste is sweet and coconut-like, suitable for having it with mango, pineapple, and some other citrus fruits. Star apple has a life span of 1 week at room temperature, and if you store it properly, you can use your star apple for a long time.

How To Store Star Apple

Star apple gives a unique coconut-like flavor in desserts and tarts, and it is worthy enough to be stored properly. You can increase its life span, and you use it in your dishes even during the off-season by storing it properly.

You can follow the methods that are listed below to store your star apple properly,

Keep It Away From Heat And Humidity

When you have leftover star apples, and you want to store them, always keep in mind that fruits like star apple remain best in a cool and dry place; that’s why store them in your kitchen pantry or rack, far away from heat source.

Also, the sunlight is not good for your fruits, so keep them away from sunlight as well.

Nothing can be better than a dry environment for storing fruits, specifically star apple, because it can go bad quickly due to high moisture or humidity.

Keep Them Separated

Here is another very important thing you need to remember: you should keep your star apple separated from other fruits because star apple spoils too early if it is placed with other fruits.

This is something you need to take care of, always keep them in a separate place, and maintain the gaps between them to prevent spoilage.

Refrigerate It

You can keep your star apple in the refrigerator, and this way, it will remain good for 2-3 weeks. If you plan to do this, first clean your fruit with a kitchen towel, put all of it into a thin plastic bag with a seal, close the seal perfectly and then store it into a refrigerator crisper or fruit basket.

Try to keep it in a less cold environment like a crisper or fruit basket because the low temperature can be harmful to your fruit’s health.

Can You Freeze Star Apple

You can freeze your star apple, and this way, you can easily use it for half of the year, first wash it well, and then cut it into two halves, now scoop out all of its flesh.

Transfer this flesh into freezer bags and then freeze it.

You can use this pulp in your desserts or tarts, and it will taste the same as fresh. You can also freeze your star apple in the form of slices, but it will not be that good because sliced pieces will get dried out as compare to the pulp, and thus, the taste will not be good.

How Long Does Star Apple Last

It depends on how you store it; it will not be good at room temperature for a long time, like it will go bad after one week, so it is better to keep it in the fridge or freezer.

In the refrigerator, it will remain good for two weeks after being properly stored. Avoid keeping it in a cooler place in your fridge; keep it in a crisper or fruit basket to prevent it from moisture.

Freezing can be a good option if you are thinking of using it in desserts or tarts because if you freeze it in the form of pulp, it will give a nice flavor and texture to your deserts. Moreover, freezing can increase its life span, and it will easily remain stable for half of the year. But always store this pulp of star apple in heavy-duty freezer bags to avoid freezer burns and seal the lid of the bags appropriately.

How To Tell If Star Apple Is Bad

Star apple has firmed texture and shiny skin normally, but its characteristics changes when it is about to spoil; you should not use the spoiled ones for eating purposes,

Always look for the following changes in star apples,

  • Soft texture: if your star apple has a soft texture and does not feel firm, it shows spoilage.
  • Wrinkled Skin: If your fruit has wrinkly skin and its shine is lost, it also shows that it has started to spoil, and you should discard it.
  • Bad Odor: It is another sign that occurs in a spoiled star apple; if its smell is off and seems unpleasant, you should toss it over because it has gone bad and cannot be used for eating purposes.