Do Sprouts Go Bad

Do Sprouts Go Bad?

A sprout is a little growth on the tip of the seed, and you see that when the seed comes under the suitable temperature and moisture level, it starts growing, so that little growth on the tip of a seed is sprout. In the dictionary, the sprouts mean “to grow.”

Sprouts have many health benefits. They are full of nutrition and protein. Sprouts of specific vegetables or seeds can vary their protein and nutrition level. As sprouts may help control blood sugar levels, they may improve digestion and improve heart health.

How to Store Sprouts

Any vegetable or seeds can be healthy, but using raw sprouts can have harmful bacteria. Always buy only the fresh sprouts, and do not buy those sprouts with a slimy appearance or musty smell. It can be dangerous for people who are at high risk for food poisoning. Life-threatening illness or at least stomach-related issues may result from eating lightly cooked or raw sprouts.

Now that you have bought sprouts, you might be wondering how you can properly store them to last longer. Read on to know more about it.

Away from Direct Sunlight

You can put your sprouts at room temperature on your kitchen shelf. But only put them at room temperature when you want to consume them immediately; keep in mind that putting them in direct sunlight can have a bad effect on sprouts which can easily make them spoiled.

Refrigerate It

Normally when you buy sprouts from the grocery store, they are refrigerated or in frozen form. While knowing that they cannot last long and can easily spoil at room temperature, you must opt for the refrigeration method for storing your sprouts to keep them in a healthy form.

You can choose two methods depending on your convenience; the first one is by using absorbent fabric or paper. A paper towel or cheesecloth on the shelf and put the sprouts on them will absorb the extra moisture. Then put them in an air-tight container or a zipped bag and put them in the fridge.

Keep in mind that if storing for a long time, do not wash sprouts before storing; otherwise, the moisture will make your sprouts spoiled in no time.

Another method is by putting the sprouts in water and lemon and put them in the refrigerator. The combination of water and lemon will make your Sprouts last longer.

Can You Freeze Sprouts

Choosing the best storage method for your sprout, with no doubt, is to freeze them. So, yes, you can freeze your sprouts, and freezing them will increase their life, preserving them for later consumption.

But apart from giving them long life, it is not recommended to freeze them but to consume immediately and buy new for later use. The reason for that is once frozen, the sprouts will lose their original taste and become soggy.

How Long Do Sprouts Last

There’s a big question when it comes to the sprout’s life, that how long do sprouts last. It depends on how you store them, wash them, grow them, and under what conditions they are kept. Because these are not fully developed vegetables or beans, but they are still growing and alive.

As discussed earlier, the shelf life at room temperature of sprouts is not much; you should consume sprouts within a day. But if you store your sprouts in the refrigerator, they can last for up to 14 to 15 days. Just make sure the temperature of the refrigerator is not fluctuating.

On the other hand, if you choose to freeze the sprout, which is not recommended but can increase its life, then your sprouts can maintain their quality for about 12 months.

How to Tell If Sprouts Is Bad

Although we already know that sprouts cannot last long at room temperature but can last longer in fridge or freezer, there is a point when it expires and no longer be usable. Even though they are kept at room temperature, you must know the indication of their spoilage.

Let’s have a look at the indications that we will discuss, which will help you know if your sprouts have gone bad or still able to consume.

  • Mold Appearance: The first and the major indication that you can notice with your eyes is the production of mold on sprouts. The appearance of a white fuzzy layer on the surface of your sprouts indicates that it has gone bad and needs to discard away.
  • Taste: Sprouts have a delightful and good taste; by using your sensory glands, you can taste the sprouts and know that if your sprouts are bad or still good to go. Because the spoiled sprouts have a bit of sour taste, so do not use them as consuming bad sprouts can cause major stomach issues.