Do Spring Onions Go Bad

Do Spring Onions Go Bad?

Spring onions are also called scabies, scallions, and green onions. They closely resemble Chinese onions, Shallotte, chive, and leek. They are original to Europe but harvested in many countries of the world now. Spring onions can be used as a part of salads or for cooking.

There are many health benefits of spring onions; those include reducing the risk of cancer, aids digestion, maintains good vision, and prevents cold and flu. Apart from its health benefits, it can also go bad under certain circumstances, and you can also protect them from spoiling. Read through the article to know more about it.

How to Store Spring Onions

If you want to store anything for a long time, you must know how to store that thing. Your spring onions are the vegetable that can spoil very easily if not stored properly. So, you must know the proper storage methods.

It is guaranteed that if you store your spring onion using the following storage techniques, you will increase the life of spring onions that can help you consume them later.

At Room Temperature

If the room temperature is not too hot, then you can place your spring onions on the kitchen’s shelf, but the life of spring onions is not very long, so you must consume them within two days.

Put themRefrigeratorator.

If you think the room temperature is too hot or you want to store them for more than two days, then refrigerating is the best possible method that you can opt for. You can store them for a week. Put your spring onions in the plastic bag and store them in Refrigerator’sor’s drawer.

Store in a Damp Paper Towel

There is another method which can be quite helpful for those people who open the Refrigeratorator too often. Wrap your spring onions in a damp paper towel, which will protect their moisture from losing, then put them in Refrigeratorator.

Freeze them

Anything that is a plan to store for a very long time, the only option that anyone can choose is to freeze that thing. The same goes for your spring onions; you can store them in the freezer to make them last longer. Freezing can increase its life which will help you to consume it later. But keep in mid that after you thaw it, the texture will get wilt.

Can You Freeze Spring Onions

Sometimes you don’t want to consume the vegetable immediately but to use them later. The storage method that you opt for this purpose is the freezing method. When it comes to spring onions, yes, you can freeze them to make them last longer.

You can store them in their raw form without cutting their stem or fry them a little bit and then store it, which can help you use them for cooking purposes later. Cut your spring onions in the diced form, put them in the container or freezing bag, and put them in the freezer.

How Long Does Spring Onions Last

The question arises for the vegetables that how long your vegetable can last. So, the same question goes for the spring onions as well. It depends on the storage conditions in which they are kept and the storage techniques they are opting for.

Well talking about the spring onions, those are kept at room temperature; they can live on your shelf for up to two consecutive days, while if you want to increase its life, you will put them in Refrigeratorator. So refrigerated spring onions can last for a week.

But if you are freezing your spring onions, then the first benefit is that you can store your spring onions without losing too much of their flavor and texture, while on the other hand, the advantage of freezing spring onions is that you can store them for up to two months.

How To Tell If Spring Onions Is Bad

Even though if you have stored your spring onions under the proper conditions, there are still chances that they can get spoiled.  So, the question arises of how to tell if your spring onions are spoiled or still good to go. We will discuss some of the indications that can tell you if your vegetable is bad or not.

  • Discoloration: The first and the major sign that can indicate the spoilage of spring onions is the discoloration. The color from whitish-pink will go to dark yellow and black eventually.
  • Texture: The change in texture is another indication. The texture of spoiled spring onion will get wilt.
  • Odor: The off smell can easily tell you that your spring onions are no longer consumable.
  • Appearance: The deterioration of your spring onions is another indication which you have to look after.