Do Spanish Red Onions Go Bad

Do Spanish Red Onions Go Bad?

Spanish red onion is not originated in Spain; supermarkets first used the term Spanish in the 1980s. These are yellowish red with a mild flavor. These are juicy, sweet, and large. Used in sandwiches, as a garnish, raw and sliced for salads.

They are normally used in cooking to enhance the flavor and taste of a meal, plus they are very famous for their health benefits. They are packed with nutrients, may benefit heart health, contain cancer-fighting compounds, boost digestive health, load with anti-oxidants, and many more.

How to Store Spanish Red Onion

It’s a good idea to have onion in your home every time because whenever you need to cook anything, for example; Curry, fried rice, or any Asian food, onions are the biggest culinary companion regardless of any season. So now, if you have bought Spanish red onions from the supermarket, you might be wondering how you can store them to make them last longer.

There are so many storage methods, but we will discuss a few storage techniques that are top of the list. Read on to know more about it.

In Cool, Dry, and Dark Place

The first and most important thing if you are storing your Spanish red onion at room temperature is to store them at a place that is not exposed to too much heat. The place where the onions are kept should be away from direct sunlight or any artificial light which can heat them.

The other thing that you have to take care of is that the red Spanish onions are kept away from moisture and dark.

Avoid Storing Whole in Fridge

It would help if you did not store your whole Spanish red onion in the fridge because it will make them exposed to humid and cold conditions, as they can absorb moisture very easily, they might become spoiled and mushy faster.

On the other hand, you can store diced, sliced, and peeled onions in the fridge. Sliced or peeled onions can last for up to two weeks if stored in the fridge, while diced onions can last for up to 7 to 10 days.


There is another technique to make the pickle of onions, preserving their mild flavor and taste for a long time.

Keep them in the freezer

You can also put them in the freezer if you want to make them last longer. Freezing Spanish red onion may help you to retain its flavor and taste for up to 8 months.

Can You Freeze Spanish Red Onion

Spanish red onion is a very common and important ingredient for most dishes. So, you might want them to last very long; for that reason, freezing is the best option you can opt for, and yes, you can freeze Spanish red onions without losing their flavor.

It is suggested not to freeze whole onion but freeze them in sliced, diced, or peeled form. Just make sure to put the sliced or peeled onion in the airtight container or a freezing bag; otherwise, its pungent smell will be all over in the freezer.

How Long Does Spanish Red Onion Last

Here is an important question, and the most crucial for any chef or cook is how long the Spanish red onion can last. It depends on the storage conditions in which they are kept and the storage methods they are opting for. You can store them in your pantry, refrigerator, and freezer depending on your needs and how long you want them to be stored.

If you are storing it in the fridge, it can last for up to two weeks. Just make sure the temperature is constant, and they are put in the plastic bag. Since they can absorb moisture very easily, you have to store them away from any source of moisture. By putting them in the freezer, they will stay away from moisture.

If you have Spanish red onion in the chopped or sliced form, wrap them tightly in a plastic wrapper or aluminum foil, they can stay healthy for up to 8 months in the freezer. At the same time, cooked onions can last for almost 12 months.

How to Tell If Spanish Red Onion Is Bad

Now, when you know how to store your onion and how long it lasts, it’s a time to know about the indications that can tell you if your Spanish red onions are good to go or have gone bad. Let’s have a look at those indications:

  • Color: When they start changing their color, you can feel that now they are going bad.
  • Dark spots: The change in the texture and production of dark spots on the surface will indicate its spoilage.
  • Smell: The odor of the read Spanish onion can easily distinguish between the good and the spoiled one.