Do Snow Peas Go Bad?

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Snow peas are edible pod peas, and they are similar in characteristics to green peas. The color, texture, and look of snow peas I also similar to that of the green peas. If you have ever used green peas, then it would not be difficult for you to talk about snow peas as they both are the same.

If you are not familiar with both the peas, then the first question that may arise in your mind before buying the snow peas can be, does snow peas go bad? Like green peas and other green vegetables, the shelf life of snow peas is also limited, and there is no doubt about that. This article will briefly explain the important facts about snow peas, which will help you increase your knowledge about them.

How to Store Snow Peas?

Snow peas do not have a very long shelf life, even in the refrigerator as well. So, if you will not store it in good conditions, then it can go bad rapidly. The better you will store the snow peas, the longer they will last.

Please do not buy the snow peas in large amounts as it would be difficult for you to store them later on. If you have bought some snow peas and you are worried about their storage, go through the storage guidelines given below:

Place in a cool and dark place

If you have bought the snow peas for one time, use only, and are thinking of using them on the same day, you can keep them at room temperature. But make sure that the room temperature should not be too much hot. If you live in areas where the surrounding temperature is hotter, then it will be best for you to refrigerate the snow peas. Store the snow peas in a cool and dark place like the countertop or the pantry.

Keep them away from heat sources

Heat can prove itself very dangerous for the snow peas as it can destroy them very quickly. So, we recommend you keep the snow peas away from the heat sources. Don’t place them under direct sunlight; otherwise, they will go bad rapidly. Avoid storing the snow peas near the heat sources like the stove, oven, and back of the refrigerator.

Store in refrigerator

If you want to keep the snow peas fresh for some time, then you should refrigerate them. Never keep them at room temperature for more than a day as they can go bad very quickly. So, if you are not planning to use the snow peas within a couple of days, then it will be best for you to store them in the refrigerator, where they can last for a week. We recommend you use the snow peas within three days if you have to store them in the refrigerator.

Store in freezer

If you are not planning to use the snow peas currently, freeze them as there is no other option. They can last for almost a month in the freezer.

Can You Freeze Snow Peas?

Yes, you can easily freeze snow peas, and it also freezes very well. You can freeze the snow peas whole to preserve them for a long time as they have a very short life at room temperature and refrigerator. If you have bought too many snow peas and are planning to use them later on, freezing is the best way to preserve them.

Before freezing wash, the snow peas carefully and thoroughly and remove the stems and leaves from them. Blanching is also very important so, blanch them and let them cool down. After that, transfer the snow peas into the freezer bags and store them in the freezer.

How Long Do Snow Peas Last?

Snow peas are not shelf-stable, as they have a very short lifespan compared to green peas and other vegetables. They can’t stay fresh for some time in the refrigerator as well. The only way to preserve them for a long time is by freezing.

Normally, snow peas can last for only a couple of days at room temperature if the temperature is not too hot. The refrigerator will keep them fresh for almost one week whereas, they can last for almost a month in the freezer, retaining their peak quality.

How to Tell If Snow Peas Are Bad?

When the snow peas go bad, there are some common signs of spoilage that will appear. By checking these common signs, you can easily tell about the freshness of snow peas.

  • Mold and dark spots are some of the most common signs of spoilage. If you notice any dark spots on snow peas, then it is time to discard them.
  • Give them a good sniff, and if they smell bad, then it means that the snow peas have been expired.
  • Taste the snow peas to check their freshness. Bad taste is an indicator of spoiled snow peas. So, if they taste bad, then it will be best for you to throw them away.