Do Serviceberries Go Bad

Do Serviceberries Go Bad?

Serviceberry is a type of plant with white flowers and red to purple-black fruit. It is also known as shadbush. It is a species of Amelanchier and belongs to the family of blueberry. There are different usages of Serviceberry as it give a better flavor when used in different recipes. It also provides different vitamins and minerals that are healthy when consumed.

We can use the Serviceberries in baking different pies and muffins and also in making ice creams and jams. We can also make their syrups. It can also be eaten raw, and it almost tastes like blueberries. As you can use them in so many different ways, you might wonder that does it go bad? The answer to this question is. Yes, it can go bad if it is not store properly. The following article will tell you the ways to store serviceberry properly with proper procedures and precautions.

How to store Serviceberry

There are different ways that we can use to store Serviceberry to keep them safe from getting spoiled early. Some ways will make them last for a longer time, and some will spoil them very quickly. Let’s discuss the storage ways in the article below.

In refrigerator

We can use the refrigerator to store different types of foods, and it will keep it fresh for a longer time than when stored at room temperature. Let’s discuss the techniques and ways that we will use for storing it in the refrigerator.

You can store the serviceberry in the packaging in which you bought them if it is still sealed. However, if you have already opened it, you should replace the packaging and use an airtight container to store them. Airtight containers keep them away from moisture in the surrounding will spoil them more quickly and easily.

In-room temperature

We can also use the counter of our kitchen or pantry to store the Serviceberries, but we will have to use them quickly. It is because they will not remain good for long at room temperature. However, one advantage we will have is that it will remain fresh in quality and keeps its original taste.

To store the Serviceberries at room temperature, we have to store them in a cool, dark, and dry place and at a stable temperature. Otherwise, it will go bad, and you will not be able to eat it or use it in our different foods.

Away from sunlight

We also have to store every type of food away from sunlight because it is one of the main reasons of spoilage of food. We have to store the Serviceberries away from any heat source or sunlight as heat actives the bacteria rapidly. You should store them in the cool dark and dry place to keep it fresh and to make it last for longer period.

Can you freeze Serviceberry?

We can also use freeze different food items to make them last longer than when stored in refrigerator or in other conditions. However, the quality of the food will not remain the same, but it will be safe.

To follow this method, first, wash the serviceberries in cold water and then dry them; after that, place them in a tray in line and freeze them for some time. When they have properly frozen, transfer them to an airtight container and store them in the freezer.

How long does Serviceberry last?

The lifetime of the Serviceberry depends upon the storage ways and conditions. Different methods will make them last longer for a different time. For instance, if stored in the refrigerator properly in an airtight container, it will last for about a week or two, and after that, it will spoil because the refrigerator cannot make them last longer. Try to eat or use berries between this time.

If stored at room temperature or away from sunlight in a dark, cool, and dry place, it will remain safe for about a day or two. We have to use them within this time to consume them in best quality. On the other hand, the freezer will help you to store the serviceberry for longer, but its quality will be different. It will make the serviceberry last for about a year or more.

How to tell if Serviceberry is bad

There are different methods through which we can know about the spoilage of any food. Let’s discuss some of those steps or methods one by one here.

  • To know about the spoilage of Serviceberry, first look at its appearance. If there is any sign of mold or they have become soft, or they feel slightly jiggle when you hold them, it is the sign that the berries have been spoiled so through it away and don’t use it further.
  • You can also look at its color to check if it has gone bad. If the color seems different, the berries have been spoiled.
  • At last, observe the smell of the berries, and if the smell is unpleasant, discard them immediately.