Do Screw Pines (pandan) Go Bad

Do Screw Pines Go Bad?

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Native to Madagascar, screw pines are loved across the whole globe. Its soft and waxy texture is worth tasting once, and you will get addicted. The taste of this fruit resembles slightly with papaya and sugarcane. You can either use its fleshy pulp for cooking or eat it raw. Both will give an epic taste to your tastebuds.

Screw pines, also known as pandanus and Hala fruit, may go bad if they interact with unfavorable things. You must store it properly to get long shelf life. Its creamy soft texture from the inside is the reason that you have to be careful about storing it because it spoils easily.

How to Store Screw Pine?

Storing screw pine properly is important for the shelf life of this fruit. The shelf life completely depends on the storage condition of the screw pine. So, follow this article in detail to get all the important particulars about screw pines, i.e., storage, shelf life, etc.

In the Pantry

When the screw pines are unripe, it is safe to keep them in the pantry. They have a tough outer covering that will protect the fruit from going bad till it ripens. You must take care that the place you are using for storing the fruit is cool plus dry.  A cool place will keep the fruit fresh and good to eat for weeks. Also, if the fruit meets moisture, it will eventually go bad so try keeping it in a dry place. You can take paper towels to wrap the fruit, or you can use fruit baskets too.

Away from Direct Heat source

Heat source like direct sunlight is only recommended if you want to ripe the fruit faster. If you place already ripened fruit near direct sunlight or any heat source like your kitchen stove, screw pines will go bad. They may release water and turn mushy, and also, they will not give the same yummy taste anymore. So, in order to keep your fruit fresh, you must avoid heat sources.

In the Refrigerator

A refrigerator is the best place for ripened screw pines. You can keep this fruit in the fridge for prolonged shelf life. Screw pines won’t go bad until they meet any unfavorable conditions inside the refrigerator. So, you need to make sure that there is no other strong-flavored product placed near the fruit. You should preferably use a refrigerator bin or the crisper to keep the fruit. This will keep the screw pines fresh and healthy.

Can you Freeze Screw Pine?

Freezing screw pines is completely fine if you want to store them for a long period. The fruit has a short season, and also it is mostly found in tropical areas. So, people living far from these areas buy it in bulk, and they want long-term storage. Freezing is the only option in this condition.

The best way to freeze it is by removing all of its pulp. It is very easier to use the pulp directly later because the outer covering of the screw pines is very hard that it would be difficult to break it in frozen form. So, for an easy method, you can remove all of the fleshy pulp of screw pines. After that, transfer the fruit to an airtight container or freezer bag. You can also freeze the pulp in an ice cube tray in portions. In this way, you can enjoy using frozen screw pines.

How long does Screw Pine Last?

The shelf life of screw pines, because of their tough texture, is more than average. You can enjoy the same flavor of screw pines for weeks. Until the fruit meets any negative condition, it won’t disappoint you.

If the screw pines are unripe and are kept inside your kitchen pantry, they would approximately last for 3 weeks till they ripen. In contrast, ripened fruit will remain good to eat at room temperature for 4 to 5 days. Keeping the screw pines in the fridge will extend their shelf life. You can enjoy a fresh and yummy taste of ripened and refrigerated screw pines for 1 to 2 weeks. Frozen pulp of the screw pines will last the longest. You can enjoy the same taste of the pulp for 7 to 8 months if kept in the freezer.

How to tell if Screw Pine is Bad?

We can figure out by the appearance of the screw pine whether it is bad or not. You need to know about some common signs that bad and spoiled screw pines often shows that are as follows:

  • When screw pines get spoiled, they give a very off odor. Just give them a sniff and if you feel any weird smell, toss them out.
  • They may catch mold when interacted with moisture and humidity.
  • There appears discoloration on the surface of the screw pines. Their greenish color starts changing into a dense brown color. Discard the fruit in this condition.
  • Last, check out its taste. If it seems bad to you, stop eating it immediately.