Do Rose Apples Go Bad

Do Rose Apples Go Bad?

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Rose apple is occurring widely but commonly found in Southeast Asia. It has been introduced as a fruit tree and an ornamental. The rose apple has many different names, such as it is known as Jambu in the Maldives and is called Syzygium Jambos scientifically.

They are used in many types of dishes. Especially in Asia, they don’t go bad until they are stored in a suitable environment and temperature. The sweetest is the paler or the darker colored fruit .it is also used to make pickles. It is frequently used in salads. The black rose apples are called black pearls, and the white ones are called pearls. It offers a good taste that resembles the highly aromatic scent of rose water. This article will guide you on how to store the rose apple.

How to Store Rose Apple

The rose apple is a burst of water content that also keeps hydrated. Rosewater contains many nutrients and minerals such as protein, calcium, iron, vitamin A and vitamin C. It also has an alkaloid compound known as jambosine.

It should be stored away from direct heat. It should not be squashed than the structure and appearance changes.

In-Room Temperature

In-room temperature, the crisp structure of the fruit is not lost. The life span of the rose apple goes up to 5 days. The apples stay fresh as they should be stored at 31 to 35 degrees.

The rose apple should be stored on the counter because it releases a gas called ethylene gas which ripens other fruit and vegetables before they are meant to be. The flavor of the apple is kept on hold when the apple is at room temperature.

In Refrigerator

The apple stays fresh for weeks and months. In cold temperature, the crispy structure and flavor are kept constant as it is not lost.  The loss of vitamins and nutrients decreases when the rose apple is immediately placed in a colder environment after been picked. Therefore you can enjoy the bunch of apples before they begin to spoil. This is a recommended way to keep the rose apples fresh.

Can You Freeze Rose Apple

Freezing is not a good idea for storing as when the rose apple is frozen, the cells tend to freeze hard, making the fruit soft and not crispy anymore. The flavor of the apples is lost and is not suitable.

The freezing of apples removes away the fun element from your fruit. The frozen apple is not suitable for eating after thawed as they tend to gain a better taste. And they are unsuitable for eating raw.

An apple can only withstand the coldness only for 4 hours until getting hurt and losing the structure. So it is not recommended to freeze the rose apple as it loses flavor. Make sure you dry the rose apple before freezing it as it could be used to cook something else than eating raw.

How Long Does Rose Apple Last

The shelf life of a rose apple is not a longer one. Rose apple stored in the fridge can be stored for weeks and few months.  At room temperature, it can only be stored for five days. They are easily and highly perishable. When the fruit starts to get hallow from inside, then the seeds start to rattle around inside.  After a specific amount of time, the rose apple starts to dry out and lose flavor.

The seed is toxic and contains a base called jambosine. Rose apples are not grown commercially because of the bad storage, bruising and low yield. When a rose apple is cut, it starts to gain iron and eventually rot, slimy and not good for consumption.

How To Tell If Rose Apple Is Bad

It is fairly clear when rose apple goes bad, as you will notice the change in its appearance. Following are some of the ways through which you can find if the rose apple goes bad. You can notice these indications to know if your rose apple is good to go or has gone bad and needs to discard.

  • Appearance: The crispiness would wear away. Its reddish color changes into brown, which is not suitable for normal use. It will tend to have molds and rot.
  • Smell: The smell becomes stronger and disgusting, which is eventually unbearable. The outer layer starts to spoil in a process known as photodegradation that causes discoloration, loss of flavor, proteins, and vitamins.
  • Texture: Fresh is very crispy and sweet; bacteria formation can change the structure. Touch the fruit to check whether it is good or bad. If it feels rotten, then immediately get rid of it before it contaminates other fruit products.
  • Taste: If the taste changes, then you can discard the rose apple.