Do Redcurrants Go Bad

Do Redcurrants Go Bad?

Redcurrant is a fruit of a flowering shrub that comes from a Ribes Family; they are small rounded berries with bright red color, with a beautiful translucent appearance which makes them suitable in the décor of various desserts, tarts, smoothies, and drinks.

There are different currents like black, white, and red currants, but redcurrants are sweet and sour with a slightly acidic flavor to balance their sweetness. Redcurrants have a short shelf life, and they remain stable for a week at room temperature when properly stored. Due to the shorter shelf life, it is advised to keep them refrigerated.

How To Store Redcurrants

Currant is delicate and should be kept carefully; keep this in your mind whenever you buy redcurrants that they have a short shelf life and they can be spoiled early, so try to buy in small quantity and use them within a week to avoid wastage.

Red currants add unique flavor to your desserts and play an important role in garnishing; they are worthy enough to preserve so that they can be used for a long time. Following are the methods which are useful in preserving redcurrants,

Keep it at Dry and Cool Place

Redcurrants should be kept in a dry and cool place; you can place them in a fruit basket with small pores that can help them breathe. This basket can be stored at your kitchen counter and away from the sink, where there are more chances of moisture.

Do not wash redcurrants before storing; wipe with a clean kitchen towel and then store, because washing beforehand can expose them to moisture, leading to spoilage.

Store it as Dried Form

If you are fond of redcurrants and always add them to your desserts as a regular ingredient, but you are worried about using them for a long time, you can opt for storing them as a dried form. To do this, you have to wash them first to remove all the debris and dust, lie them on a tray and let them dry for 48 hours. After that, put them into an airtight jar and store them in the refrigerator, or you can also keep them at your kitchen counter.

Dried currants remain good for six months approximately.

Refrigerate it

All types of currants and berries remain good in the refrigerator. It is the best option to store, so if you have plenty of redcurrants and want to use them for later, just put them into a refrigerator enclosed in an airtight plastic bag.

Can You Freeze Redcurrants

Redcurrants have a short shelf life, and freezing them will increase their shelf life. Still, there may be degradation in their color or taste after freezing because, in the freezer, the temperature is extremely low, which can degrade its natural flavor and color. But you can avoid freezer burns by putting your redcurrants into a heavy-duty freezer bag and seal it perfectly.

In the freezer, fresh redcurrants will remain stable for half of the year, and you can use them in your desserts or drinks. Before use, take them out of the freezer for half-hour and then use them.

How Long Does Redcurrant Last

Fresh redcurrants last for one week at room temperature; given that they are properly stored, you can keep them at your kitchen counter in a cool and dry space. Always keep checking for any overripe redcurrant; if you notice any, remove that piece and wipe the area where it was placed, mold spread very fast, and if one redcurrant is infected, it will cause others to spoil early.

You can also store your redcurrants as dried because dried ones have low moisture, making them more stable and prevented from getting mold. After drying, keep them in an airtight container and then store them.

Freezing redcurrants is also a very good option, and this way, you can use them for half of the year without any spoilage.

How To Tell If Redcurrants Are Bad

Redcurrants are bright red and sweet plus sour, but these characteristics gradually change if spoilage occurs.

Some indications are listed down below, with the help of which you can tell whether they have gone bad or not,

  • Dark Coloration: Normal redcurrant has a brilliant red color, but when they are about to spoil, their color turns dark, so check for any discoloration before using them.
  • Off Odor: Redcurrant has a fresh citrus-like aroma, but if you notice that the smell is a bit off and not that strong, it used to be in fresh ones; it has gone bad. You can no longer use it in cooking.
  • Fuzzy Texture: When mold growth occurs in redcurrant, its texture becomes fuzzy, and some white or grey-colored spots begin to appear all over its surface; it is very toxic to consume this type of redcurrant and should toss them right away.