Do Raisins Go Bad?

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Who does not know the raisins? It is one of the most popular types of fruit in cooking and baking today. The raisins are produced after a drying process of the grapes, allowing them to extend their duration considerably. Due to its popularity, raisins are produced in various countries around the world.

If you want to integrate the use of raisins into your daily diet or that you want to get them to be able to cook a recipe, you will surely be interested in knowing about their duration and preservation so that you can make use of these fruits properly caution. In this article, we are dedicated to addressing all of these topics and more, so read on to learn everything you need to know.

How to store Raisins

Raisins are sweet due to their fructose and glucose content and can be eaten raw or in various culinary preparations. Raisins can be different colors of yellow, brown, and purple, depending on the grape dehydrated.

Raisins are a good source of fiber and calcium, so they prevent constipation and strengthen bones. It also has antioxidants such as flavonoids, phenols, and polyphenols, reducing the risk of chronic diseases as cardiovascular diseases or cancer.

Storing your raisins is not rocket science. All you have to do is make sure you follow the following set of rules to the letter so that they are properly preserved:

Keep them in a good place.

Once you have purchased your raisins, they will require you to place them in an appropriate area, so they do not spoil. Remember that we are talking about sweet food, so the raisins must be at an optimal temperature. They are protected from direct sunlight and humidity.

Due to the raisins’ needs, it is best to use a pantry. It is usually dark, cool, and dry, so you should not have problems storing your raisins there.

Keep them sealed

Raisins usually come sealed in packages, and once you open them, they will be exposed to pollutants that can negatively affect them. To avoid this scenario, we recommend storing the raisins in an airtight container or in a freezer bag capable of adequately protecting them.

Keep them refrigerated

If you plan to consume your raisins in an estimated few weeks, room temperature is practical. Still, if you want to extend this period considerably, you should store them in the refrigerator. Remember, your raisins must be sealed, or they will end up drying out from the cold.

Can You Freeze Raisins?

You may have really bought many raisins, or maybe you are not a big fan of raisins and only use them occasionally. In any case, you will be interested in preserving the raisins in the long term; luckily, this is possible through the freezing method.

The process of freezing raisins is simple; the principle to do it properly is to remember that it is sweet foods that, when frozen, harden and stick to each other. This situation can be avoided if you put the raisins separated from each other in a tray. You freeze them preliminarily so that they do not harden together. After having done that then you can put them all together in an airtight container. They will be definitely ready for sub-zero temperatures.

How Long Does Raisins Last

Raisins differ from fresh fruits due to their low humidity levels, which is why if your raisins have been in storage for a couple of days or even weeks, you should not worry that they will spoil as long as you are following the pertinent instructions about how to store them properly.

The packages in which the raisins come usually carry labels that indicate the deadline until when their best quality standard is guaranteed. Once that period has elapsed, they will continue to be safe to consume, but eventually, they will lose the quality of their flavor and end up losing at some point.

Regarding the exact duration of the raisins, it can be estimated that both at room temperature and refrigerated can last as long as the label indicates, plus three months as long as they remain properly sealed. Once you have opened them, their duration will be six months. If you freeze your raisins, they can last indefinitely.

How to Tell If Raisins Is Bad

Although raisins have a long duration, it does not mean that they can’t spoil. On the contrary, it is necessary to be attentive and take the time to review them before consuming them to avoid a scenario in which that you end up sick from consuming bad food.

Among the signs that can indicate a problem with your raisins, you should pay attention to the presence of mold or any similar organic growth. You should also pay attention to if they have developed a bad smell. If you detect any of the aforementioned characteristics in your raisins, the best thing you can do is discard them.

If you have carefully inspected your raisins and have not found any problems, you can ingest them without fear. Something that can happen with raisins is that they can become dry, but that does not mean that they have spoiled. You can still consume them and use them for cooking.


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