Do Purple Apple Berries Go Bad

Do Purple Apple Berries Go Bad?

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Purple apple berry is a type of fruit that belongs to the family of apples. It is purple and looks similar to apples. They are available in different sizes, colors, and textures as well. Like apples, purple apple berry has a limited shelf life, and it can spoil in unsuitable environments.

The shape of purple apple berries is just like the bell paper, which is a veggie. But just because of its shape, it does not come in the category of vegetables. Following are some facts about purple apple berry.

How to Store Purple Apple Berry?

Storing any fruit or vegetable is not very difficult. The storage conditions for apples are the same as the storage conditions for mangoes. There is no much difference in the storage conditions of fleshy fruits. Purple apple berry is one of the rare fruits, and it is not eaten all around the globe.

But people who have given it a taste completely love it. So, they store the purple apple berries when they come in the season. But some fail to store them for a long time. Following are some storage guidelines for storing purple apple berries.

Place in a cool and dark place

You can store purple apple berries the same way you store apple or bell pepper. Fruits with the covering can stay fresh at normal temperature for a limited period. If you have bought some amount of purple apple berries and think that you can use them within four days, you can store them in your kitchen.

Always find a cool and dark place to place the purple apple berries. The places where the temperature remains high are not suitable for the purple apple berries. Pantry and the countertop can be the best options for storing the purple apple berries.

Store in refrigerator

You must keep the fresh purple apple berries in the crisper drawer of your fridge. It will help the apple berries to retain their quality and freshness for a bit long. 45-degree Fahrenheit is the optimum temperature for the purple apple berries. So crisp drawer will be best for its storage.

If you have bought purple apple berries, but are not thinking of using them within a day or two, store them in the refrigerator, where the purple apple berries will stay fresh for some time. Never wash them before storing them in the fridge, as water can affect the quality of the fruit. Only wash them when you want to use them.

Store in freezer

To extend the shelf life of purple apple berries, you can consider a freezer as your first option for storing them. Like apple, you can store them in the freezer for months.

Can You Freeze Purple Apple Berry?

Sometimes, you buy fruits or any food item in large amount, and you think that you will store them so that they can last for a long time. It is a good choice. But where will you store them for so long? The first thing that comes in our mind is the freezer when we are talking about the extension of the shelf life of the products.

Now you may be thinking, can you freeze purple apple berries? Without any worries, you can freeze the purple apple berries. The freezer will also extend the shelf life of purple apple berries. So, you can freeze them for many months.

How Long Does Purple Apple Berry Last?

Purple apple berries do not have a long shelf life. They are not shelf-stable, so it is up to you that how long you can store them. If you provide a suitable environment to them, they will last for long, but if you fail to provide them with their suitable environment, they will spoil very quickly.

Like apple, you cannot store purple apple berries for a long time on your countertop. They can only last for almost a week on the countertop. Refrigerators will help to extend their shelf life up to a month. In comparison, if you will store them in the freezer, then they will live for three months at least.

How to Tell If Purple Apple Berry Is Bad?

Purple apple berries are quite similar to other fruits when it comes to spoilage. It is not complicated to tell whether the purple apple berry is bad or not. You should never keep those purple berries that:

  • Have become soft and mushier to touch if they have lost their texture and quality.
  • Smell bad. It is one of the common signs of spoilage.
  • They are starting to become rotten, or there is any mold or dark spots on them. You can cut the portion with mold, but sometimes you have to throw them away.