Do Pomegranate Seeds Go Bad

Do Pomegranate Seeds Go Bad?

Pomegranate seeds are the part of the fruit that can be eaten and in which its sweet and acid flavor is concentrated. Pomegranate seeds are a food that you can enjoy alone as a snack or add flavor to all kinds of dishes and drinks, from salads to juices.

You may be interested in buying some pomegranate seeds to add to your diet, or you may already have them. It turns out that you have not used them for some time, in any case, something you need to know is how long they last in good condition, and if you are storing them well, luckily you have come to the right place, in this article you will find everything you should learn about these topics.

How to store Pomegranate Seeds

Pomegranate seeds have vitamins A, C, and K, essential to improve blood clotting and strengthen the immune system. Although a serving of pomegranate seeds does not provide the recommended daily dose of vitamins and minerals, it does contain a significant amount of potassium, which helps regulate blood pressure and keep sodium under control.

To enjoy all the benefits that pomegranate seeds offer you, they must be in good condition. For this to be possible, you must know how to store them properly so that you can extend the period in which they are kept in good condition and consume them.

Storing pomegranate seeds does not require any complicated effort, so you don’t have to worry about following unnecessarily elaborate procedures; you have to respect a couple of rules and follow the rules indicated in the letter.

As you already know, the pomegranate seeds are found inside the fruit so that you can get a ripe pomegranate in good condition, and you can keep it at room temperature as long as you keep them in a cool place, but it should also be dry. The pantry can usually meet these requirements without any problem, so we recommend that you use it.

In this case, you must be careful not to leave the pomegranate near heat sources or in direct sunlight, as this can cause the quality of the pomegranate and its seeds to deteriorate.

When it comes to the pomegranate seeds alone, you must follow a procedure to extract them. First, you must chop the fruit in half and then use a spoon to extract the seeds carefully. Remember that the utensils you use to handle the pomegranate seeds must be clean to avoid being affected by any pollutant.

Once you have extracted the seeds from the pomegranate, you must place them in an airtight container or a freezer bag with as little air as possible. Then you must proceed to store it in the refrigerator, in this way they will be kept in good condition and can consume for a couple of days.

Can You Freeze Pomegranate Seeds?

You may have obtained more pomegranate seeds than you thought to consume, or you used a little and do not feel like using them again for the moment. In any case, looking for a long-term conservation method is possible of interest to you. Luckily the freezing is a very effective solution to this problem.

The procedure you must follow to store pomegranate seeds is practically the same as that you must use to refrigerate them; You have to extract them from the fruit using clean utensils and then place the seeds in an airtight container or a freezer bag from which you should extract all the air you can use so that their content is stored without problems, once you have finished your seeds. Granada will be ready for freezing temperatures.

How Long Does Pomegranate Seeds Last

Pomegranate seeds are not known for having a long duration. Their duration depends a lot on the quality of the harvest that the fruit has had and the preservation methods used to preserve it. Therefore, we recommend that you consume your pomegranate seeds as soon as possible.

As we mentioned earlier, pomegranate seeds come inside the fruit, and since this is your first line of defense against the outside world and everything that can contaminate them, it makes sense to leave them there until the moment you plan to consume them. If you opt for this option, the pomegranates can last in good condition at room temperature for two weeks and refrigerated for a month.

As the seeds are the most delicate part of the pomegranates, they have a shorter duration than the whole fruit. So that you can preserve the pomegranate seeds, you must refrigerate them, and in this way, you can extend their duration outside the fruit for at least a week, but if you freeze them, they can last in good condition for about eight months.

How to Tell If Pomegranate Seeds Is Bad

Pomegranate seeds may be very beneficial and have a pleasantly sweet and acid flavor. Still, all these benefits are ephemeral and sooner or later will be lost when the seeds go bad. That is why you should check them before using them to know if they are still good and avoid the possibility of getting poisoned by eating a portion of food in bad condition.

To know if your pomegranate seeds have gone bad, you should look for signs that indicate such a situation, such as the presence of mold, the color change from the typical red to brown or black, or the presence of black spores. If you find any of these things in your pomegranate seeds, then you should discard them immediately.

If your pomegranate seeds do not present any of the aforementioned characteristics, they are sure that they are in good condition, and you can use them to consume them as you like.


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