Do Plantains Go Bad?

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Plantains are a type of banana that has a different flavor and taste than that of bananas. The plantains are much thicker and bigger than the bananas, and the skin of plantains is also hard and thicker. They are available in green, yellow and dark brown color. So, we can say that plantain is a fruit.

Plantains are one of the few fruits can you can cook or eat directly. Like bananas, plantains will go bad very quickly if you will not take good care of them. The shelf life of plantains is less than that of bananas. If you are not familiar with plantains, then you must go through this article. I hope it will help you learn about storage, shelf life, and the going bad of plantains.

How to Store Plantains?

When the fruit’s shelf life is short, you have to be extra careful regarding the storage of the plantains. If you fail to store them appropriately in good conditions, then they will go bad very quickly. If you have too many plantains for cooking purposes and you know you cannot use them all at once. So, it will be best for you to store them perfectly.

Some of the important tips for storing plantains are mentioned below in this article. If you don’t know how to store plantains, follow the guidelines below.

Store at room temperature

If you have ripe plantains, then you can store them at normal temperature for some days without any worries. Some fruits lose their texture and quality when you store them under direct sunlight, but it is not true in the case of plantains.

Plantains can stay fresh for some days at room temperature. If you have bought several plantains and you are thinking of using them in seven days, then you can place them at normal temperature without any worries. You can place them in the pantry of your kitchen or on the counter.

Store in refrigerator

Fruits stay fresh for some time in cold places. A refrigerator is the only thing that can help to last your fruits for a lengthy period. The cool and calm environment of the fridge is best for the fruits. If you want to extend the plantains’ shelf life, you can store the plantains in the fridge.

Plantains can last up to ten days in the refrigerator. It also depends on the quality of the plantains. It is better to use the plantains stored in refrigerator within a week.

Store in the freezer

If you are planning to store the plantains for a lengthy period, then a freezer is the best option for its storage. Freezer increases the shelf life of the products.

Can You Freeze Plantains?

Yes, you can freeze the raw plantains for months. If you have bought too many plantains and are unsure where to store them, the freezer will be the best place for storing them. Freezing will increase the shelf life of the plantains.

You cannot freeze the plantains as a whole in cold environment. You will have to peel the plantains before storing them. Cut the pieces of plantains after peeling and then transfer the slices into freezer bags or airtight containers. Plantains can retain their quality for one year at low temperatures of the freezer.

How Long Do Plantains Last?

Plantains don’t have a long life. They have a shorter life than the bananas. You can extend the life plan of plantains by storing them properly. The shelf life of plantains is different. The uncooked plantains that appear green in color can last for a couple of weeks at room temperature.

The ripe plantains can stay fresh for almost ten days at room temperature. If the plantains appear dark brown, it will be best for you to use them as soon as possible as they have a small shelf life of just three days at normal temperature.

If you have stored the plantains in the refrigerator, they can stay fresh for three weeks. Whereas the plantains stored in the freezer will last up to a year. It is better to use them before this time.

How to Tell If Plantains Are Bad?

It is very easy to check the freshness of a plantain. You can easily see the signs of spoilage in the plantains when it goes bad. There is a change in its taste, smell, and texture. To tell whether your plantains are fresh or not, take care of some important things:

  • Examine the texture of the plantains. If it seems to be softer than usual, then it is a sign of spoilage. It means that the plantains have lost the texture, and they have gone bad. Discard them at immediately.
  • If the plantains smell bad, then you should not use them as well.
  • Check the taste of the plantains. If they taste different from their usual taste, then you must not use them as well.