Do Perennial Cucumbers Go Bad

Do Perennial Cucumbers Go Bad?

Perennial Cucumber is from a family of cucumbers with the same taste. You will only find the difference in terms of the size of the vegetable. The normal size of the perennial Cucumber is about 2 inches long. Perennial Cucumber is used in salads as well as is famous for its use in pickling.

Perennial Cucumber is native to India, South Asia, African countries. To grow this vegetable, a warm and humid environment is required. The vegetable can resist somewhat moderate temperatures; however, it does not work in harsh environmental conditions. It takes almost 50 – 60 days for the crop to grow.

How To Store Perennial Cucumber Root

Perennial Cucumber does not last longer at room temperature hence needs proper storage. The perennial Cucumber has the same properties as a cucumber; hence you can apply the same storage techniques to store a cucumber.

Kitchen Shelf

Perennial Cucumber can be kept on the kitchen shelf, but it won’t last much longer. Only place them on the kitchen shelf if you need to use the Cucumber within a day or two; otherwise, it is much preferred to place the Cucumber in the cold, dark corner of the kitchen, making it last longer.


Mostly the perennial Cucumber is preferred to place in the refrigerator. Refrigeration provides an extended life period of about a week. To store the perennial Cucumber, you should wrap it in a paper towel and place it in a seal-able bag. The paper towel absorbs the excessive moisture hence extending the spoilage period.


If the Cucumber is required for a very long time, then you can freeze them. You can freeze the Cucumber by placing them directly in the freezer, or you can slice them into small cubes and then freeze them. Slicing and freezing the Cucumber is preferred as it is easy to thaw.

Keep in Water

Take some clean drinking water in a container and place the sliced cucumbers in the container. Cover it with a lid. The Cucumber will stay fresh a little longer in the refrigerator and a day at room temperature. You can drink water later on if the color hasn’t changed and it does not smell.


People also store the Perennial Cucumber by pickling them. The sliced Cucumber is dipped in the vinegar brine. You can also add other essential vegetables depending upon your recipe. Pickling fresh cucumber is preferred as it maintains the fresh taste of the cucumbers.

Can You Freeze Perennial Cucumber

Yes, Perennial Cucumber can be stored, but it is not a preferred method. Freezing the perennial Cucumber can make it change the taste. However, if you have decided to store the perennial Cucumber for a longer period, you can store it differently.

You can place the sliced Cucumber in the water and then freeze the water. This is the best way to freeze the Cucumber as it will preserve the taste of the perennial Cucumber. You can also cut the Cucumber into ice cube size and place them in an ice cubes tray. Pour some water and let them freeze.

How Long Does Perennial Cucumber Last

Perennial cucumber life span depends on the storage method you are using. At room temperature, it won’t last more than a few days. However, if you use the cucumbers in cold regions, they can last for a week at room temperature. However, it is preferred to use the Cucumber within 2 – 3 days after purchase.

Storing the cucumbers in the refrigerator can be a different story. The cucumbers can last in the refrigerator for more than a week but will go soft and exhibit expiry signs eventually after five days of storage. If the cucumbers are sliced, they will dry within a day, even in the refrigerator.

Freezing the Cucumber can make them last for a couple of months. Eventually, on thawing, there will be a little effect on the taste of the cucumbers. Normally freezing can extend the life of the cucumbers for 4 – 6 months.

How To Tell If Perennial Cucumber Is Bad

Perennial Cucumber, when gone bad, exhibits easy and clear signs of expiry. We are going to discuss few indications below.

  • Appearance: A cucumber gone bad will have wrinkled skin. There will be a soft sensation of touch when holding the Cucumber. Upon bending a little, you will feel elasticity in the vegetable. However, a fresh cucumber will have a firm touch.

If stored in the water, Cucumber will show signs of a little change in color of the water because of the bacteria manifestation. Sliced Cucumber will be gone dry at room temperature or in the refrigerator.

  • Smell: If you have store the Cucumber in water or all together, you can smell the rotten odor of the vegetable.
  • Taste: Cucumbers have a pleasant flavor, but a cucumber gone bad will have a sour flavor. If so, you should waste the whole Cucumber.