Do Peanuts Go Bad?

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Peanuts are a very popular legume in the kitchen today. Depending on how the peanut is processed, it can be eaten whole, butter and even oil can be prepared. On the other hand, peanuts have a subtle flavor mixed very well with both desserts and common dishes.

You may be interested in buying peanuts because a recipe you want to prepare asks for it or because you want to add it to your diet in general, then you will be interested in knowing how to store them properly. On the other hand, if you have already bought peanuts and it has been stored for a couple of days, and you do not know if it will spoil or how long it will last in good condition, then you have come to the right place, in this article you will learn everything you need to know about the subject.

How to store Peanuts

The benefits of corn consumption extend through different health fields because it can help prevent heart disease, such as cancer. Due to its composition, it turns out to be a great option for people who have diabetes who want to include variety in their diet.

As you can see, peanuts’ benefits are very attractive, but you can only take advantage of them if they are in good condition. To avoid the scenario in which peanuts go bad, you must know how to store them properly. In this way, you can ensure that you can consume this beneficial legume for as long as possible.

Regarding the storage of peanuts, it can be said that it is similar to nuts in general and peanut butter. Everything you need to do to keep your peanut butter in good condition can be summarized in the following rules:

Keep it in a suitable place.

Once you get peanuts, the next thing is to find an appropriate place to store them. Peanuts need to be in a cool but dry environment and preferably dark. The pantry should efficiently meet all these needs, so we recommend using it.

Get a good container

Depending on how you get your peanuts will depend on how you should store them. The peanuts in their shell should preferably be kept in a brown paper bag with holes to remain fresh. If it is peanuts without the shell, it is recommended an airtight container, or a freezer bag.

Avoid adverse conditions

Peanuts are a legume sensitive to elements such as humidity and high temperatures, so you should try to keep them away from places such as the sink, heat sources, and direct exposure to sunlight.

Storing them in the refrigerator is unnecessary, but it is a more durable option than room temperature. Remember that peanuts are susceptible to moisture, so try to keep them sealed in an airtight container.

Can You Freeze Peanuts?

You may have bought more peanuts than you plan to consume, or you may not feel like consuming it at the moment and prefer a long-term option. If this is your situation, you should know those freezing peanuts is possible and effective in preserving them.

All you have to do to store your peanuts are to follow practically the same procedure to refrigerate them. You must place them in freezer bags or airtight containers. They will be ready to remain for long periods in sub-zero temperatures.

How Long Does Peanuts Last

Peanuts are a long-lasting legume, so if you have a package stored that takes a couple of weeks, you do not have to worry about it being spoiled. As long as you have followed all the storage instructions, everything will be fine.

If you buy packaged peanuts, you can be guided by the label that comes on the outside since this indicates the date it is recommended to consume them. Until that period, it is guaranteed if the best quality standard is guaranteed.

On the other hand, if you got peanuts in bulk, then its duration will depend on how it is. If it is in its shell, it can last about four months at room temperature and refrigerate for one year. In the case of shelled peanuts, it will last at room temperature for about a month and a year when refrigerated. Both presentations of peanuts can last two years when frozen.

How to Tell If Peanuts Is Bad

Peanuts are a low-moisture legume rich in oils. Therefore they are not prone to spoiling as most foods do, so technically, they will remain safe to consume on any occasion.

Due to peanut oils, what happens is that over time it goes through a process by which it becomes rancid; its smell and taste become unpleasant. In this case, it is preferable not to consume them and discard them.

If your peanuts reserve smells good and tastes good, then it means that you can surely use it to prepare the dishes you want, or you can eat it alone.


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