Do Otaheite Apples Go Bad

Do Otaheite Apples Go Bad?

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Otaheite apple, known for its quality flavor and numerous health benefits, is a fruit native to Malaysia. For this reason, you also get to hear it by other names like Malay apples, mountain, or rose apples often. Though it is referred to as an apple, it closely resembles an American pear.

Those apples, which are tasty, are purple in appearance. Containing excellent amounts of minerals, vitamins, and organic compounds necessary for your health is good for your vision, enhances your skin and the immune system. It is also a good substitute for normal sugar.

How To Store Otaheite Apple

So when we have introduced Otaheite apple to you right above, there are some more details which we need to bring into your sight. Those details include its storage techniques primarily. The storage techniques are essential to be brought into your consideration so that you’re able to enjoy its wholesomeness after a while too.

So now you may be wondering how you can store this delicious apple so that it remains at its best quality. What are some methods by opting for which you can increase the shelf life of this apple? Let’s get an answer to all these questions coming up in your mind by reading the article below,

Keep It Away From Sunlight

The foremost thing which you must keep in your mind while storing Otaheite apple is to keep the fruit distant from the effect of sunlight. Keeping it in sunlight will cause the fruit to rot and get spoiled more readily as a result.

On Your Kitchen Counter

Yes! We told you before not to keep this fruit in direct sunlight. Now where to keep it? Very simple! Put the Otaheite apple on your kitchen counter where it will keep fresh for a couple of days and fit to be brought into your use the way you like.

Never Go For Refrigeration

One thing which makes this apple different from ordinary red apples is its storage techniques. You should never refrigerate the Otaheite apple as it is susceptible to cold and does not refrigerate well. So do not mistakenly go for the refrigeration process.

Store It In The Form Of Jams

The fruit is very sweet and tasty. Therefore you can also store it in the form of jams. This is advantageous from two sides. One is that you preserve it well and also it is a good choice since you can enjoy it in your daily breakfast.

Can You Freeze Otaheite Apple

To answer if you can freeze this nutritious and delicious Otaheite apple to help it retain its quality flavor and maximize its shelf life, the freezing process will be the worst choice you will make while storing this apple. The fruit is susceptible to lower temperatures.

Certainly, it is up to your choice which method you adopt to store and preserve it, but we do not recommend freezing it, and it is not a good approach. Hence to conclude it, the freezing process is of no significance to store your stock of Otaheite apples.

How Long Does Otaheite Apple Last

What is the shelf life offered by these Malay or Otaheite apples about which you are curious to get to know? Do these apples allow a sufficient period to maintain their true essence and quality, or is that not the case? Don’t you bother about that when you are here with us, as we will mention some of the shelf lives offered by this fruit to help you out of your queries?

Though the fruit may go bad, however, there are some methods which we told you above to help you in preserving the stock of Otaheite apples for a maximum time limit. Well! Generally speaking, the fruit does not exhibit a good long shelf life and offers a shorter shelf life. The maximum shelf life offered by it is usually for a couple of days, i.e., a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 6 days.

How To Tell If Otaheite Apple Is Bad

One more aspect to be dealt with, and boom, you got to know nearly every important concerning aspect of this fruit. That one aspect which we are left with is how to tell if Otaheite Apple is bad or gone bad basically. For this purpose, we will tell you how to bring your senses into use to identify its spoilage.

  • Appearance: The first thing you may bring into your use to tell its spoilage is your eyes. If you witness that the fruit is carrying black holes around, discard it right away.
  • Odor: The next thing to check for its spoilage is its odor. The odor gets pungent when it has gone bad or just about to go bad.
  • Color: The color of the fruit also changes from purple or red to brown when it has gone bad. If that is the case, replace it with fresh stock.