Do New Potatoes Go Bad

Do New Potatoes Go Bad?

Hey! don’t get confused with the term of new potatoes. They are basically the same as normal potatoes except for the fact that they are early harvested. They are not fully grown but still taste so well. You are going to love them. New potatoes give you a sweet and pleasant taste. They have thin skin with a creamy texture. You don’t even need to peel them off before cooing. The new potato is a widely used vegetable throughout the world. They have a spherical shape.

When you go to the market, your little brother or sister has definitely added new potatoes to your list, and you end up buying them. Now, you are wondering whether they go bad or not? Well, yes, they can go bad if not kept properly. Don’t worry; our article covers all the points you need for the right storage of new potatoes. So, without wasting any time, let’s begin our article.

How to store new potato?

Do you know? New potatoes are also named red or baby potatoes. They offer you a variety of health benefits. New potatoes go well with a lot of dishes. They are best to roast, bake and boil. They help to regulate blood pressure. There are different ways used for the storage of new potatoes. Some of them are mentioned just below. Read them and store your potatoes before they go bad.

Cool and dark place

The best way to store the new potatoes is to keep them cool and dark. First of all, check for the presence of the soft, moldy, or spoiled piece. If you find one, remove it from the bunch of potatoes you are going to store.

Place the new potatoes in some paper or mesh bag. You can keep them in a basket as well. Just make sure there is good ventilation. Now store them in a cool, dark, and moist environment. Your new potatoes are correctly stored now.


Another used these days for the storage of new potatoes is curing. It increases their shelf life. Take the new potatoes but don’t wash them. Cleaning may add moisture which is obviously a call for mold growth. Well, you can remove the excess dirt. Store the dry new potatoes in a place with average temperature, high moistness, and good air circulation.

Keep away from heat

Here is a good trick to keep your new potatoes in good condition. You have to keep them away from the sun or any other heat source. Exposure to sunlight on your potatoes can turn them green. So, be careful; otherwise, you are going to lose your yummy new potatoes.

Can you freeze new potatoes?

Having some digestive or constipation issues? If yes, then what are you waiting for? Go and buy new potatoes because they are rich in fibers. It promotes digestion and prevents constipation. It is also an excellent source of potassium. Isn’t it great?

If you are going to miss the sweet and cute new potatoes in the off-season, then we have a good solution for that. Yes, you can freeze them. One thing that needs consideration is to partially cook them before freezing.

All you have to do is first properly wash them. Blanch potatoes for three to five minutes. Good! Now, place them in cold water for five to seven minutes and let them cool. Strain them and pack them in a Ziploc bag, leaving an inch of space. Now, freeze them.

How long does new potato last?

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You can keep them at room temperature for a week or two. You can store the new potatoes in a cool and ventilated place for two months. In the freezer, you can store the delicious new potatoes that are partially cooked for three months. You can also store the properly cooked potatoes. You can keep them for three to five days in the refrigerator. In the freezer, you can store them for ten to twelve months.

How to tell if new potato is bad?

Another great benefit of consuming new potatoes is that they make your bones and teeth strong. They are rich in calcium and phosphorous. BOOM! It also helps your brain function well. What else could be more beneficial from new potatoes?

So, how to tell if new potatoes go bad? Well, it is pretty obvious when they go bad. You can easily identify the spoiled one. Just remember these points.

  • If the new potato feels too soft and mushy to touch, then it should not be consumed.
  • Check for discoloration. Their color may turn green which is not a good sign. Better not to throw them away.
  • Check for the presence of mold or fungal growth. If you notice some, then better not to eat them.