Does Naranja Go Bad

Do Naranjas Go Bad?

The best gift of winters is the juicy, nutritious fruit Naranja, also known as the orange. It is a delicious fruit of the citrus family. Who doesn’t love Naranjas? Probably we all love them.

Naranjas is well-known throughout the world due to their diverse uses. They are a good source of vitamin C and other vitamins. Together with adding to the delight of juices, Jams and desserts, they also loved when eaten whole. Does Naranja go bad? If yes, let’s find out how does it go bad. Continue reading the article to know more about the fruit’s shelf life and different storage methods.

How to store Naranja?

If you have brought a bulk of Naranjas during your grocery or you have got a handful of them from your garden, you must be wondering how to store them. Being a soft citrus fruit, the Naranja does not maintain very long shelf life. It is essential to store it in the optimum temperature environment.

Before we discuss the methods for storage, you need to know a technique to keep Naranjas fresh for a long. While picking Naranjas, always choose the hard ones and not the soft ones. The soft and sloppy ones tend to go bad very soon. Have a look at the storage methods now.

Keep it away from sunlight

The delicate fruit should always be stored away from sunlight. If exposed to heat or direct sunlight, it gets spoiled soon.

Store in the pantry

A good way to store your Niranjan is to place them in a fruit basket inside the pantry. The cool surroundings of the pantry keep the fruit fresh.


If brought in bulk, the best method to store them is to place them in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator. Although they may lose some of their freshness with time, they still manage to survive for long.


Another interesting technique to store Naranjas is to place them in small jars or cans. As the fruit is acidic, it can be stored well this way. It is better to add a liquid syrup to your jar before sealing it. Once your jars are cooled in the refrigerator, they can be stored at room temperature.

Can you freeze Naranja?

Freezing Naranja is not a very good idea because of its high-water content as Naranjas maintain a long shelf life in the fridge, too, so one may not think of freezing them. Frozen oranges turn soft and mushy if stored as a whole. If you want to freeze them, you should follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Peel the Naranjas of your stock which is to be frozen.
  • Remove the seeds and cut the fruits into small pieces.
  • Dip them in sugar syrup or any liquid syrup.
  • Now transfer them to an air-tight container.
  • Place your container at a suitable place in your freezer.

Frozen Naranjas can be used to make juices and jams. If stored by this method, Naranjas can stay fresh for up to a year. Isn’t it great?

How long does Naranja last?

After you have brought a bulk of the fruit, you should have a clear idea that how long does it last? Like all other fruits, the shelf life of Naranjas depends upon the storage methods. They usually last for about three weeks if stored at room temperature. In the pantry, they also maintain the same shelf life with a little change.

If refrigerated, the fruit stays fresh for about two months, provided it is free from soft spots. Remember to always store them in your crisper drawer for the best results. Cut oranges have a shorter shelf life and should be used as soon as possible. If frozen, the shelf life can increase to up to one year with some compromise on the taste.

How to tell if Naranja has gone bad?

If not stored correctly, Naranja has a high tendency to go bad. The fruit loses its properties and is no longer good to eat. Some indications which help you confirm that the fruit has gone bad are listed below.

  • If Naranja has gone bad, it tends to decolorize.
  • The fruit loses its firm texture and appears soft and mushy.
  • Small whitish molds may grow, leading to spoilage.
  • Finally, the Naranjas acquire an unpleasant taste if they have gone bad.

If you notice any such signs, throw away the fruit before it’s too late. Eating rotten fruit can affect your digestive health.

As told before, Naranja is a wonder fruit with many benefits. It is a gift of nature and a treat to your taste buds. It can be stored easily and effectively. If you plan to bring Naranjas in bulk, you can store them easily for another season.