Do Nannyberries Go Bad

Do Nannyberries Go Bad?

Nannyberry is a shrub or a small tree that originated in the united states. It is well known because of its leaves that are green and shiny in the beginning and then turn into a beautiful shade of red and marron in fall. This small tree gives us a really cute and sweet fruit named nannyberry. Its taste is so good. It gives you an amazing fusion of a banana and a date. The color of nannyberries is green when unripe. It turns red and then bluish-black when it gets mature.

When you go to the market, you probably end up buying those cute and little nannyberries. Now, you are wondering whether they go bad or not? Well, yes, they can go bad if they are not store carefully. But don’t you worry. Our article covers every point you need for its right storage. We will also tell you its amazing health benefits. So, carry on reading then.

How to store nannyberry?

Nannyberries grow in the form of clusters. You can enjoy the delicious fruit raw as well as cooked. Nannyberries are used to treat respiratory and digestive issues. It is well known by other names like sheepberry, tea plant, and cowberry.

There are different ways used to store the nannyberries. Some of them are mentioned right here. So, what are you waiting for! Read the following article and store your berries before they go bad.


Hey! If, you don’t want to finish all the nannyberries right now, no worries then. You can store them in the refrigerator. All you have to do is first wash them to remove all the dirt. Good! Now strain and let them dry.

Store them in a jar or container lined with a paper towel. Remove any spoiled pieces if present. The jar’s lid should not be tightly sealed to make sure the extra moisture leaves the jar. Store the jar in the refrigerator.


The most common way used these days for storage is drying. If you dry the nannyberries properly, you can store them for a longer period and enjoy them anytime later. You can dry the berries either by food dehydrator, oven or by the sun.

If you are using the food dehydrator, then, first of all, wash the berries properly. Strain and then dry them thoroughly. Lay the nannyberries on the dehydrator tray. Let them dry completely, and then store the dried berries in an airtight jar.


Another way used to preserve the nannyberries is canning. First, wash the berries. Heat the berries in boiling water for thirty minutes and let them strain. Take clean jars and fill them with hot juice. Make sure to leave the space of about half an inch in the jar. Fill the jars with berries and shake a bit while you are filling the jars. Good job!

Can you freeze nannyberry?

Do you know? Nannyberries are used widely to make yummy jams, jellies, and puddings. You can crush it and also make a quick and refreshing smoothie or a milkshake from it. Isn’t it great! The delicious taste is going to blow your mind.

If you are going to crave for the nannyberry in the off-season, then is it a good idea to freeze it? Well, you can freeze the berries and enjoy their wonderful taste anytime or anywhere you like. It is quite simple.

First, wash the nannyberries. Let them dry thoroughly. Good, now set the nannyberries on the baking sheet lined with plastic wrap. Put it in the freezer. Once they are frozen, transfer them to an airtight jar. Seal it properly and store it in the freezer.

How long does nannyberry last?

An interesting fact about nannyberry is that it is not only eaten by humans but also by birds and animals. Having some depression or anxiety? If yes, then what are you waiting for! Go and buy nannyberries because they are used to get relief from pain and anxiety. Isn’t it great!

Nannyberries have a short shelf life. They should be stored properly to prevent them from going bad. You can keep the dried berries for six to twelve months. In the refrigerator, you can store the nannyberries for up to a week. You can store the berries for three months in the freezer. While storing the food, cleanliness should be maintained for the best results.

How to tell if nannyberry is bad?

Nannyberries are used as an amazing ingredient in making cakes, pies, and other sweet dishes. To be honest, nannyberry pudding has the most amazing and incredible taste.

You can enjoy the nannyberries as a good snack while watching a great movie instead of boring and unhealthy lays. When the nannyberry goes bad, it is pretty obvious to tell. Just remember the following things mentioned below.

  • When the nannyberry goes bad, it becomes too soft and mushy to touch. It is a clear indication that it is spoiled.
  • If any foul or unpleasant smell is coming from the berries, don’t consume them.
  • See if you find any signs of mold growth. If the nannyberries have mold on them, then better not to eat them.