Do Mushrooms Go Bad?

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Not all mushrooms may be edible, but those that are safe to consume are also one of the most versatile ingredients when cooking. Due to its neutral flavor, it can mix very well with other ingredients to create exquisite dishes that range from sauces, through pates to stews, it can easily be part of any dish and even become the main ingredient.

Suppose you are a lover of mushrooms because of how useful they are to prepare so many things. In that case, you may have ever found yourself in the situation of having bought many and suddenly worried about how to store them well and prevent them from being damaged. If you can relate to this case, then this article is for you.

How to Store Mushrooms

We should all know that you can find different types of edible mushrooms in the market. The classic figure of a short stem and round hat is only found in some types of mushrooms such as button and shiitake, but apart from these, others are a bit more varied such as enoki, which is elongated and has a small crown, and the oyster, which has a wide stem.

All these mushrooms that we just mentioned can look very different from each other, but when it comes to storage, they have practically the same needs, so you don’t have to worry about doing anything complicated.

When it comes to storing mushrooms, there is a factor determining the method of preserving this product. It is the presentation in which they are marketed. In summary, you can find mushrooms in the following ways:

Fresh mushrooms

The most common way to get your mushrooms as fresh as possible is by going to a place like a fruit and vegetable festival or a farmers’ market, but the ones that come in plastic baskets are also relatively fresh.

In both cases, what proceeds is to keep them refrigerated, but it is not enough to do it. It would help if you also put a paper towel or something similar so that the mushrooms’ natural humidity does not condense and ends up causing some to dry out and others to get soaked when they are inside from some container.

Canned mushrooms

It is the safest way to keep mushrooms for a long time, as long as you don’t open them. For this version, what you should do is what is done with each canned product, store them in a cool, dry, and dark place like the pantry. Exposures to heat sources and direct sunlight should also be avoided.

Mushroom powder

This version of the mushrooms has the same needs as the other powdered seasonings. They must remain dry at all costs. It would be best if you avoided any place that has humidity. Places near the sink or inside the refrigerator will only end up spoiling it, so turn to the pantry for optimal purposes.

Can You Freeze Mushrooms?

It may also be the case that you have mushrooms that you do not want to use now, and you wonder how you could preserve them in the long term. Luckily they can be frozen to extend their duration and be able to use them whenever you like.

You must bear in mind that you cannot simply put them in the freezer just like that. You must carry out an appropriate process so that mushrooms keep well in sub-zero temperatures.

The first thing you should do is take the mushrooms and slice them, once you have done this you must wither them, for this purpose you can cook them in different ways, use the one you like the most. After they cool, the next thing you should do is place them in an airtight container or a freezer bag, and they will be ready to be frozen.

How Long Does Mushrooms Last

Mushrooms are not known for having long shelf-lives. Fresh mushrooms can keep in good condition for about a week and only if they are properly refrigerated, so try to consume them within this period to take advantage of their freshness.

In the canned mushrooms, you can be sure that they will keep in good condition for longer due to the can. To know the exact dates regarding this type of mushrooms, you should pay attention to the label with the expiration date. After that period it will remain in good condition for at least a couple of months.

In the case of powdered mushrooms or dried mushrooms, these are the ones that last the longest. Months and even years can go by in good condition as long as they are kept dry and sealed, but their quality is another story. After a year, its flavor will fade, and it will be so flavorful.

How to Tell If Mushrooms Is Bad

After a point, the mushrooms become harmful to be consumed, so you have to be careful when you want to use them, and they have some time stored to avoid getting sick from consuming something in bad condition.

In the case of fresh mushrooms, you should look for signs that can be detected with a detailed visual inspection. If you see that your mushrooms have turned dark, sticky, and wrinkled, or smell bad, it is safe to assume that you should not consume them.

You can guide yourself by a very clear sign if you know that they have spent about two weeks in the refrigerator. In the case of canned mushrooms, if the can looks rusty, leaks, or looks wet, then you should get rid of it.


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