Do Muntries Go Bad

Do Muntries Go Bad?

Muntries, which are also known by many other names like native cranberries, Monterrey, native cranberries, mulberry, Muntari, or emu apples, are native to regions of Australia. These are shrubs of leaves that are egg-shaped, edible fruits, and also beautiful scented flowers.

Muntries contain sufficiently high amounts of both Vitamin C accompanied by antioxidants necessary for your health. Not only that, but these are also used in waxes and many other healthcare products. Despite all of the merits, they may even then go bad for several reasons. Therefore we will discuss their storage methods right below.

How To Store Muntries

Muntries or emu apples are spicy and crunchy in taste, unlike the ordinary apples which you eat. These spicy and crunchy apples are used extensively to serve the globe around with numerous purposes, some of which we just mentioned in our previous heading of the article, and there are a lot more.

Another use of it in home lies in the preparation of masks, which help your skin to shine and glow. So how do you store these muntries? How do you help these to retain both their quality as well as nutrients present within? If you are willing to learn that, then you are in the right place as just below; we will explain to you some of their preservation techniques.

Do Not Wash Them Right Away

We all know how bad moisture is for the health of our fruits and vegetables. If we store them after washing, let us tell you that it is the worst choice you will ever make as it causes them to go bad readily and promotes mold growth. Therefore, wash your muntries only when these are to be brought into use immediately.

Keep in Refrigerator

Refrigeration works well for your stock of crunchy muntries as it helps them attain their maximum shelf life. To refrigerate them, throw them in the refrigerator drawer right away after buying. But keep in mind not to put them in the refrigerator wrapped in a plastic bag.

Freeze Them

Freezing them is also a fair choice to make these fruits reach their maximum possible shelf life. The freezing process increases your muntries’ shelf life up to more than usual. If you wish to use them after months, we encourage you to go through this preservation technique.

Can You Freeze Muntries

To answer if you can opt for the freezing process for storing muntries, so yes, you can freeze muntries, and the freezing process is worth it. If you are interested in storing muntries’ stock for a comparatively longer period, which most people want to, then learning the freezing technique becomes mandatory for you.

To freeze these native cranberries, put these raw berries simply in airtight containers, heavy-duty freezer bags, or original plastic packagings in which these were originally purchased. If kept under frozen conditions for every instant, these last longer and serve you with your desired purpose in the best possible way.

How Long Do Muntries Last

With a hold on knowledge of muntries in terms of benefits, uses, and storage techniques, hold on the shelf life offered by them is also a must. It is because you will be able to purchase them in quantities that you will be able to consume within that time frame we will tell you, i.e., their shelf life.

The shelf life is different under different storage conditions provided to them. If you keep them at room temperature, they last up to a few several days less than a week; however, if you keep them refrigerated all of the time, they last up to 4 to 6 weeks.

That stock of muntries that you have kept in the freezer in the raw form lasts up to 8 to 12 months but remains safe beyond that time limit. So, according to your feasibility and desired duration of use, you can follow any storage method.

How To Tell If Muntries Are Bad

Like any other fruit that you eat, muntries may also go bad, as we just mentioned at the beginning of our article. So an insight into their signs of damage is yet another thing to conclude in our article. This insight will help you prevent catching any of the food-borne diseases; therefore, let’s start with us and figure those signs out.

  • Odor: A bad odor coming from the stock of your muntries is a clear and strong indication of them going bad and unfit to be brought into use.
  • Texture: If you feel any softer and mushier touch while holding muntries, there is a high probability that their shelf life has been reached.
  • Appearance: Another clear sign of muntries’ spoilage or damage is their appearance. If they have surpassed their shelf life, they begin to deteriorate their color. Another sign is mold appearance on the crunchy fruits.