Do Mulberries Go Bad?

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Mulberries have different names, such as white Mulberry known as Morus alba and others are common mulberry and silkworm mulberry. Its tree grows to 10-20 m tall.

Mulberry is a short-lived tree, and its age span is similar to that of humans. Mulberry is found in Asia and North America. It’s related to figs. These are white, green, or pale yellow. Berries are mostly black, white, or red. Mulberries are used in jam, wine, juice, tea, and canned foods. It has many water, proteins, calories, fats, carbs, sugars, and fibers.

How to Store Mulberries

Mulberries are a very delicious fruit. So, it’s very important to store it in a good manner. Here we are going to discuss few methods of storing which can help you so much. These methods are given below.

In the Refrigerator

Everything retains its freshness and taste when it is kept in the refrigerator. So does for Mulberries. Collect and place them in the basket. Place them properly into the refrigerator. It can last for up to three days.

In the Container

you can also store your Mulberries in a container to retain their quality. No moisture enters the airtight container that prevents them from spoiling.

In the Freezer

If you want to store your Mulberry for longer than usual, then place them in a freezer. For this purpose, after harvesting, wash Mulberries properly, then dry them with the help of cloth and keep them in a storage bag. After that, place them in a freezer at the optimum temperature. In the freezer, it may last long up to three months.

Drying It

The best way is to preserve it with the help of drying. First of all, wash Mulberries, then clean them and cut the stems of Mulberries. Place them on a dehydrating sheet. Leave them so that it gets dry in 15-24 hours.

Cool Down

When the Mulberries become dehydrated, then allow to cool them at room temperature. Pack them in a glass container, in a plastic container, in a jar, or a zip lock bags.

Wash Only When You Are Going to Use It

Moisture can affect any fruit. It is suggested that you wash your mulberries only when you need to use them. Otherwise, keep them unwashed.

Can You Freeze Mulberries

You can also freeze your Mulberries at the optimum temperature. First of all, spread them on a baking sheet in a single layer. Then let them freeze for almost two hours.

After that, put them out from the freezer and place them in a freezer’s bag or an airtight bag.  You can keep them in a freezer for up to six months. If you want to thaw it, put them in a bowl and leave it at room temperature for about one hour. They will become soft, use in pancakes, muffins, and other food products.

How Long Does Mulberries Last

Mulberries can remain fresh and healthy for up to two to three days at room temperate. After that, they become decayable. Mulberries do not ripen after they are picked. So, pick up the ripen ones to keep them longer at room temperature.

Mulberries can remain fresh in the refrigerator for about 1-2 weeks. The best way to use Mulberries longer is to put them in a freezer. In a freezer, it may remain fresh and delicious for almost six to twelve months. If you freeze them at optimum temperature, you can use them to make pancakes, bread, and smoothies in winters.

The drying of Mulberries with the help of an oven or dehydrator is also a good way to remain them fresh for up to one year. Storing like this can preserve mulberries longer than the freezing method.  Preserving by vinegar is also a way to make it last longer.

How To Tell If Mulberries Is Bad

Like other food products, Mulberries also become bad after their due date. We will tell you some methods that will help you know either Mulberries are good or bad. These few methods are given below; let us have a look.

  • Texture: Mulberries’ texture is very fine and smooth. When you notice, its texture is getting changed; you will know that it has become bad. Do not use it.
  • Taste: The original taste of Mulberries is sweet and tart flavor. If you check its taste and you come to know that it becomes sour. Then get rid of it. Eating the foul tasted fruit will be very unhealthy for you.
  • Color: Mulberries have different original colors like black, green, red, and white. The color change will indicate that your mulberries are going too bad now. If you see that the color is changed to brown, replace those mulberries. Eating those mulberries can have a bad effect on your stomach.