Do Mountain Peppers Go Bad

Do Mountain Peppers Go Bad?

Mountain pepper is also known as Tasmanian Pepper berry. Pepper berries are dried fruit and have a sweet, fruity, and intense peppery flavor. They are used in different savories, soup, and many more dishes as a spice blend. Pepper berries are usually hotter than the normal black pepper, and that’s why they are used in a lesser quantity.

The mountain pepper fruit is initially red, and after growing mature, it will turn into black color. Both the pepper berry and its leaves have definite importance. The cinnamon-like taste of these Mountain pepper berries enhances the flavor.

How To Store Mountain Pepper

Mountain pepper leaf contains different minerals and vitamins, including magnesium,  zinc, iron,  calcium, lutein, and vitamin E. It is a high-energy source and tastes good. It is beneficial for your eye health. So people usually buy them in bulk and add them almost in their every dish to enhance the flavor.

So just like every food, its storage is also very important as they are used in many dishes like pasta, curries, eggs, and so on. So from the storage point of view, you should know some important things.

In A Pantry

These Mountain pepper berries (dried berries) can last up to 2-4 years in your pantry. If you store them in a proper air-tight jar and don’t let them absorb moisture, they can last for more than a year. To increase their shelf life, keep them in a dry and cool place as they will last longer there.

In A Refrigerator

These pepper berries can be stored in a refrigerator, they can last about a month, but their taste or flavor will reduce with time. Although they can be stored in a refrigerator, they won’t be crunchy anymore. Further, the berries will also lose their aroma.

Thus we recommend that these Mountain pepper berries shouldn’t be stored in a Refrigerator. But if you are using the fresh ones and not the dried ones, you can store them in a Refrigerator. Store them in a proper box, make sure that the box is fully dried and don’t contain moisture as moisture prevention is important.

Mountain pepper leaves are very beneficial as they are a good source of antioxidants and are also used in garnishing different dishes. These leaves are also stored in Refrigerator where they can last for a week or more. These Mountain peppers are very hot, so use these pepper berries in a less amount.

Can You Freeze Mountain Pepper

You can store pepper berries in a container or a plastic bag in your pantry. But freezing the dried pepper berries is not suitable as it will affect their flavor, crunchiness, and it will become harder.

But you can freeze the fresh berries as they will last longer there, but after a few weeks, their taste will also be reduced, and the aroma will also be affected. So dried pepper is not for freezing. You can easily store them in your pantry while the fresh ones can be stored in your freezer, store them in a proper container in a freezer.

How Long Does Mountain Pepper Last

Mountain pepper has a very sharp, peppery taste, and it is used in many dishes. At the same time, their leaves are also used in many dishes for garnishing. As mentioned above, the dried mountain pepper berries can last up to 2-4 years in your pantry, but they won’t last forever. Storing them for a long period will affect their flavor and crunchiness. The main thing that matters is how you store the pepper berries. As you know that good storage matters.

The fresh berries can last up to 2-3 weeks in your RefrigeratorRefrigerator or freezer, but after that, they will lose their cinnamon-like flavor. They will last longer if you keep them in a dry, shady, cool, and moisture-free place. Also, avoid the direct sunlight on them and keep them away from the stove heat. Use the air-tight jar for their storage, as it won’t let the air in.

How To Tell If Mountain Pepper Is Bad

Unlike other food items, dried mountain pepper berries don’t go bad quickly; they have quite a long shelf-life. But their taste, aroma, and crunchiness will be reduced with time, while the fresh Mountain pepper can go bad easily.

  • Mold growth: Due to moisture absorbance and if the water gets into the packet of Mountain peppers, mold growth can be seen. Now you have to toss them away.
  • Taste: The old pepper will lose its taste and the peppery flavor, and its crunchiness will also be affected.
  • Aroma: The aroma of the spoiled pepper berries will also reduce, like other spices.
  • Texture: If Fresh Mountain pepper is stored for a long period then, there is a chance that they get spoiled, and the change is observed by looking at their texture.
  • Foul smell: Sometimes, foul smell indicates that the mountain peppers are very old, and now it’s the time to discard them.