Do Monkey Apples Go Bad

Do Monkey Apples Go Bad?

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Monkey apple is a tropical fruit and goes by many names like pond apple, alligator apple, etc. The fruit itself is about 5 – 15 cm in diameter and turns from green to yellow and orange when it is fully ripped. Not even the fruit but its stem and leaves are used to treat intestine illness and tea making.

The apple tree is grown in the harsh environment and are about 3 – 6 meter in height and are found in Australia and America. The fruit tastes like honeydew melon and is known for its usage in juices and jams making.

How To Store Monkey Apple

Since the monkey apple is a tropical fruit, it does not end longer at room temperature. If not stored properly, the monkey apple can easily get spoiled in a few days. Following are some techniques you can follow to make it last longer.

Keep at Room Temperature

At room temperature, the monkey can be kept open in the fruit baskets. Make sure to place the fruit in a more air-ventilated area. Do not slice the fruit and place it on the shelf contained or not. This won’t last long and, in a container, the natural moisture buildup will cause mold to develop in the jar.

The fruit may be squashed to use to make jams and juice. Do not place such fruit at room temperature, or it won’t last for a day. Place the fruit in the dark, cold corner out of the reach of stove heat if kept in the kitchen.

Refrigerate It

The fruit can last longer than usual when place in the refrigerator. In colder regions, one can leave the fruit on their kitchen shelves; however, the fruit needs to be placed in the refrigerator in more humid and hot regions. The fruit can be placed in the vegetable compartment, or the squashed can be contained and placed in the refrigerator.

If sliced fruit is kept in the refrigerator, then the fruit will get dry within few days, and the inner part of the fruit will start to get dark. Do not wash the fruit before placing it in the refrigerator.

Freeze It

Alternatively, to make the fruit last for a couple of months, one can freeze the fruit. You can either place the fruit as a whole in the freezer, or you can even place the peeled or sliced fruit. Keep it in an airtight container.

Can You Freeze Monkey Apple

Yes, you can freeze the monkey apple. Frozen monkey apple can last for a couple of months. Freezing monkey apple is not that hard. You can use a plastic bag to freeze the apples as a whole or sliced or a container if the fruit is squashed for jam making or to add in juices.

The frozen fruit can be used as a cold dessert. To freeze the sliced monkey apple, the common practice is to freeze it on a tray so that each piece does not touch each other and, when frozen, then place the frozen fruit in a plastic bag.

How Long Does Monkey Apple Last

Monkey apple storage life depends on the temperature it is kept in. The lower the temperature, the longer the fruit lasts. Usually, a fully ripped fruit will last for a week or ten days at room temperature. But if unripe fruit is stored, then the fruit may last for two weeks maximum.

Storing the fruit in the refrigerator can increase its life by about two times the life at room temperature. The fruit is stored correctly in the refrigerator, then it will last for about 3 to 4 weeks, but after three weeks, you will see the spoilage signs appear on the fruit. It is wise to use the fruit after three weeks of purchase.

Freezing the fruit can increase its life dramatically. Frozen monkey apple can last for about 4 – 5 months normally. You can easily thaw the fruit at room temperature but freezing the fruit again and again will affect the taste severely.

How To Tell If Monkey Apple Is Bad

A spoiled monkey apple can easily be identified. A spoiled monkey apple will show clear signs in terms of appearance, smell, and taste like any other spoiled fruit.

  • Appearance: A good monkey apple has smooth skin with yellowish-orange color. A monkey apple gone bad will have wrinkled skin and will have a dark spot on its skin. On applying pressure on these spots, you will feel that the fruit is soft from inside, which indicates that the fruit is gone bad.
  • Smell: Such fruit will have a foul smell. If you see rotting signs and feel a rotting smell from the apple, we will recommend you waste the fruit.
  • Taste: A spoiled monkey apple will show the above signs of spoilage, and it is not recommended to taste the fruit. However, if you do so, you will feel a bitter taste.