Do Minikin Pumpkins Go Bad

Do Minikin Pumpkins Go Bad?

Pumpkin is low in calories and vitamin-rich fruit, and it has more than 11 types; one of them is Minikin Pumpkin, also known as “Baby Pumpkin or Miniatures.” It is relatively small in size as compared to other types of pumpkin.

Minikin pumpkin has orange coloration with dark orange striations all over its surface of the skin; it has an earthy-sweet flavor. Uncut fresh Minikin pumpkins can remain fresh for a couple of months if stored carefully, but like other fruits, they can go bad and lose their freshness if they are not stored properly.

How To Store Minikin Pumpkin

Minikin Pumpkin has a sweet taste and adds sweetness to your desserts and baking items, but they should be kept properly. Otherwise, they can get spoiled, and their taste will not be as good as you expect it to be. Some ways are given below which can enlighten the tricks that can help you retain their flavor and freshness,

Wash it

When you buy Minikin pumpkin, you should always remove any traces of debris or mold they got from the field they are grown on. You can do this by washing them; after that, dry them over a napkin or kitchen towel and then keep it on your kitchen counter.

Keep It Upside Down

Do not place minikin pumpkin directly on to the kitchen counter, but put cardboard beneath them, and their position should be upside down that is the stalk on the bottom and make sure they do not touch each other and have space in between; this way, they become less vulnerable to get spoiled.

Store It Away From Heat And Humidity

You should keep minikin pumpkin at a dry and cool place, not too dry because certain humidity is also needed, but it should be an adequately dry environment; this will help it remain stable for a couple of months.

Keep It In Fridge

Refrigerating minikin pumpkin is a great way to retain its flavor and freshness; you can refrigerate it in whole or carved form.

If it is a whole minikin pumpkin, then wrap it into a plastic sheet and put it into the Refrigerator, but if you have carved it, then cut it into small chunks, put them into an airtight plastic bag or container, and then refrigerate. In Refrigerator, they can last up to 4 months and remains flavorful.

Can You Freeze Minikin Pumpkin

Minikin pumpkin can be stored in a freezer, and this can extends its shelf life, but you should do it properly, first cut it into quarters, you can remove its peel at this stage or later while grating, now grate it near the sink to avoid spilling.

These grated pumpkins can then be stored in your Freezer enclosed in freezer bags; in the Freezer, minikin pumpkins can last for up to 8 months, and you can notice that their flavor and taste will be retained and you can use them in your dishes like fresh ones.

How Long Does Minikin Pumpkin Last

Minikin pumpkin has a shelf life of around two months; it also depends whether you store it as a whole or carved. If you have whole minikin pumpkin, then it easy to preserve it, and it can remain fresh for more than two months at room temperature, and when refrigerated, it can last up to 7 months.

For the case of carved minikin pumpkin, you have to store it carefully as it is a little difficult because of its vulnerability to mold. If you have leftover minikin pumpkin that you no longer plan to use presently, then immediately put it into either Refrigerator or Freezer; putting it in the Freezer will be better because it can last for more than a month this way.

If you have canned minikin pumpkin puree, then its shelf life is short that is around a week, put it into the fridge right after using it, or you can also freeze it to use it for a long time.

How To Tell If Minkin Pumpkin Is Bad

Minikin pumpkin has firmed texture and hard skin; if they are rotten, then you can notice the following changes,

  • Discoloration: If minikin pumpkin has spots all over the skin, then these are signs of mold, and you should toss over it because it is not healthy to eat such pumpkins.
  • Unpleasant Odor: You can also check its odor; if there is an offensive smell coming out of it, it is also the indication of spoilage in minikin pumpkin.
  • Mushy Texture: Healthy minikins have firmed texture, but if you press it and feel the softness in its texture, it means minikin pumpkin is overripe, and it is better not to use it.
  • Check the Stem: Before buying minikin pumpkin, you should check its stem because sometimes fresh-looking minikins might be spoiled near the stem, and it is where they start to get overripe.