Do Mayapples Go Bad

Do Mayapples Go Bad?

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Mayapple, also named mayflower or mandrake, is a plant that originated in eastern North America. The gives us yummy and sweet mayapples. The fruit has an egg shape that looks really cute. The whole plant is used for a variety of medicinal purposes.

One thing that you need to remember about mayapple is when to eat it. In the unripe form, it is green and highly toxic. You can eat it when it gets ripe and shows a beautiful fusion of yellow and golden-colored rind. The question here we got is that this cute and egg-shaped mayapple goes bad or not? Well, yes, it can go bad if not stored properly. Our article covers every point you need for its proper storage. So, carry on reading then.

How to store mayapple?

Mayapple has a quite unique and interesting flavor. It is an amazing combo of sweet and bitter flavors. You can eat it raw as well as cooked. In both forms, it tastes well. They are widely used in making jams, jellies, and pies.

The mayapples appear in the later summer. There are different ways by which you can store the mayapples to enjoy them later. Some of them are mentioned right below. Read, go and store them before they go bad.

Store in Pantry

If you have bought some unripe mayapples, then it is best to keep them in a pantry. Unripe mayapples show a green color. If you put the unripe ones in the refrigerator, then the ripening process will not occur. In the pantry, they will ripe, and you can eat them whenever you want. Make sure mayapples are clean and there aren’t any rotten pieces among them.

Drying Method

Another way that is used to store the mayapples is drying. To be honest, drying is best when you plan to store the food for a longer period. You can dry the mayapple via an oven, sun, or food dehydrator.

Take a ripe mayapple, wash and dry it thoroughly. Remove its skin and seeds. Cut it into pieces. Lay them on a dehydrator tray and place them in the food dehydrator. Once completely dried, place it in the plastic bag and wrap it properly.


Hey! Want some amazing way to store your mayapple. BOOM! You can preserve your fruit in the form of jams and jellies, and pies. It is the most commonly used these days, and it lasts way too long. You can store the homemade jam in a cool and dark place. Make sure to keep it away from the sun or any other heat source. A refrigerator is the best place to keep the jam.

Can you freeze mayapple?

Mayapple is used to treat genital warts. Leukoplakia is a disease in which white patches grew on the tongue. Mayapple is quite effective for the treatment of this disease. Consuming the mayapples helps you to fight a lot of problems.

If you are going to crave the cute and delicious mayapples in the off-season, then why not consider the option of freezing? Yes, you can freeze the mayapples, and they do freeze well. In this way, you can enjoy them anytime later.

First of all, wash and then dry the mayapple. Remove its skin and seeds. Make its chunks and lay them on a baking sheet with plastic wrap. Place in the freezer. Once they are frozen, transfer the chunks to the freezer bag. Put the bag in the freezer.

How long does mayapple last?

Mayapple has a sweet aroma. Believe it or not! Mayapple jam on the bread is the most amazing snack you need with a good movie. Remember not to consume them in very large quantities otherwise, they may cause some serious issues. You can store the mayapples for about a week or two in the pantry. It is good to consume it within this time; otherwise, it may go bad soon.

If you have prepared a homemade jam from the mayapples, then you can keep it for twelve months. For the canned jar of jam, you can keep it in the refrigerator and use it within one month after opening it. You can store the dried mayapples for about four to six months. In the freezer, you can keep the mayapples for six to eight months. Isn’t it great! You can keep them for a longer period by freezing them.

How to tell if mayapple is bad?

After learning a lot about mayapples, you may want to know that how to tell if your mayapple is bad. Don’t worry; it is pretty obvious when it goes bad. All you need to do is remember few points.

  • If the mayapple feels so mushy and grainy, then it is not safe to consume it. Better to throw it away.
  • Check for the presence of mold or fungus. If there is some fungus or mold on mayapples, then it should not be eaten.
  • If a foul or unpleasant smell is coming from the mayapples, then it is obvious that they are spoiled.