Do Marshmallows Go Bad?

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When you read the world marshmallows, all that comes to your mind is the sweet soft, and heavenly delight that is a much-needed sweet treat for your taste buds. Marshmallows are soft candies that people of any age love to eat. When they are on sale, you might end up buying many packets, and now you wonder whether they go bad or not.

The answer to the question is very obvious that they can go bad. They are a soft mixture of gelatin, sugar, and water, and their composition makes them go bad. If exposed to air or moisture for a long time, their consistency gets impacted, but there are also bacterial growth and mold formation chances.

If stored properly, you can enjoy your marshmallows for even after the best by date. But for that, you have to take care of some important things as mentioned in the article.

How to store Marshmallows?

Marshmallows are made you love by mixing sugar, water, and gelatin into soft sweet delights. Since they are made with such affection, you have to store them with care to have them last for a longer time. Following are some of the ways that you can store marshmallows.

Keep at Room temperature.

Marshmallows contain high sugar content; therefore, storing them in heat can be something illogical. The reason is that heat release the water content from sugar, and your marshmallows might start melting because of this. It is therefore recommended to have them stored in a cool and dry place.

Store in an airtight container

Marshmallows have an outer coating made up of sugar, which is why it is hard. Therefore, it is recommended to keep them in an airtight container to prevent extra exposure to air. The reason for doing it is that air contains moisture, which can easily melt the sugar down, and therefore, the marshmallows will lose their original shape and softness.

This method is the best for storing your opened back of marshmallows. You can store them in an airtight container for around 2-4 months or by the best by the date mentioned on the label.

Store in the Pantry or Kitchen Cabinet

For storing the opened pack, the pantry or the kitchen cabinet are the best options. Your unopened bag of marshmallows can rest there for more than six months. You can also store them in the cupboards or wherever you find suitable.

Can we Freeze Marshmallows?

Well, that sounds a bit strange, but the fact is that freezing the marshmallows is something the works very well. You might want to freeze your marshmallows because you are leaving for a long trip and do not want to waste them. You need to follow some simple steps and get your marshmallows frozen.

The unopened pack of marshmallows can be put in the freezer as it is, and you do not need to do any preps for it. You can also punch a hole in the bag to remove the air from it right before freezing it.

For the opened pack that you want to freeze, there are different options. First is that you can put the marshmallows in a freezer bag and freeze them. In this case, you might get worried that marshmallows may stick together.

You can freeze them all separately in a tray and then put them in a plastic bag. This will prevent them from sticking together. If you are unsure of using a plastic bag, you can also use a plastic airtight container to give it a more secure space.

How long does the Marshmallow Last?

The marshmallows are sensitive to the way you store them. You have to store them with care to have them stay for a longer time. If you want to enjoy your marshmallows or marshmallows fluffy, all you need to do is keep them away from water and moisture.

Like all other packaged food items, marshmallows also come with the best by the date mentioned on the label. It is best to follow it without any doubt. The unopened pack of marshmallows can last for 5-6 months even after the best by date.

The opened pack of marshmallows can last for 2-4 months normally. It is better to follow the best by date to check the lasting during your marshmallows as different types of marshmallows have different lasting periods.

How to tell if the Marshmallows have gone bad?

Marshmallows feel very soft on touching, and that is the main sign to check if your marshmallows are fresh. Besides that, you can check for the following signs to see if your marshmallows have gone bad.

  • You need to rip a marshmallow open to see its color. Normally marshmallows are either white or pink. Ongoing bad, the white-colored marshmallows turn into yellowish and pink ones turn into a darker color.
  • Tasting the marshmallows can also tell if they are bad. If marshmallows taste other than their casual sweet taste, it means you might not need to use them.
  • If they feel harder to touch, it means that you do not need to use them.