Do Madarins Go Bad

Do Mandarins Go Bad?

Mandarin orange is a fruit native to Asia. It has citrus characteristics and a sweet taste, and they are relatively smaller in size than regular oranges and are less acidic. Being smaller in size makes them easy to peel, and there is a wide range of its uses like they can be used in flavoring desserts, cakes, and drinks, while some people also use it in their cuisines.

Mandarin oranges remain stable at room temperature and do not go bad if stored properly, but like other fruits, they can go bad if they are handled inappropriately.

How to Store Mandarins

Mandarin oranges have a very fresh citrus fragrance that adds a sweet and sore taste to your cuisines. Mandarin oranges have a short life span at room temperature; you can use them for 5-7 days, storing them at the kitchen counter. But after refrigerating or freezing, they can be used for a couple of months.

Storing mandarin oranges is not difficult like you can store them as a whole form or slice them into pieces and then store them. But in both the cases, you should take care of some steps, which are given below with the help of which you can store them and make most out of them,

Store it as Whole

If you want to store mandarin oranges as a whole, then first you should clean them with the help of soft linen cloth, don’t wash them before storing because it can expose them to moisture, now place them at your kitchen slab or counter away from heat sources like sunlight or oven heat and also far away from too much humidity as it can cause them to grow mold.

Also, take care of the space between each mandarin orange; there should be gaps between them to breathe easily and not get suffocated as it can cause them to spoil early.

Store as Slices

You can also store them by cutting them into slices and put these slices in a bowl or a plastic bag; now, you can keep them in the refrigerator or at your kitchen slab.

Refrigerate it

If you want to keep them for a long time, then you should opt for refrigerating them. To do so, you can store the whole mandarin oranges in the fridge by enclosing them into a plastic bag, make sure they can breathe and are separated from each other.

In the case of slices, you can either put them into an airtight jar or sealed plastic bag then refrigerate them.

Can You Freeze Mandarin

If you bought so many mandarin oranges and you cannot use all of them at once, then storing them in the freezer is the best option for you to use them for a long time.

To freeze them, first, peel off the mandarin; it depends on you if you want to remove membranes or not, but it is better to let them on because they can maintain the texture of slices, and when you defreeze them, you will not find them being shapeless.

Now put these slices into a freezer bag and freeze overnight. Make sure they are separated from each other so that they cannot freeze in the form of one huge lump, this way, it will be very difficult for you to thaw them.

How Long Does Mandarin Last

Mandarin oranges last for about a week at room temperature. Still, if you have leftover mandarins and are planning to store them, it is better to put them in the refrigerator because they cannot remain stable for more than a week at room temperature.

In the refrigerator, they can last for 1-2 months depending upon how well you store them; for instance, if you place them closer to each other, they are more likely to get spoiled because if any piece has started to spoil, it can cause others to spoil early as well. So always check for spoilage in mandarins; when you notice any one of them is about to spoil, immediately put it out from a plastic bag and throw it away.

How to Tell If Mandarin Go Bad

Fresh mandarin oranges have a smooth and firm structure, and you can easily tell if they are fresh or not just by taking a look at them because if they are about to spoil following, changes occur in them,

  • Soft Texture: If you are going to buy mandarin oranges, first hold them and observe them for any softness in the texture by pressing lightly; if there is softness in their texture, don’t buy them, which means they have started to spoil.
  • Bad Odor: If you notice a bad smell coming out of them, rather than a fresh citrus aroma, it also indicates spoilage.
  • Wrinkled Skin: Another way to check spoilage is that if their skin has a wrinkly appearance and not as smooth as it used to be in fresh ones, it shows that they will be spoiled.