Do Mandarin Oranges Go Bad?

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Mandarin orange is considered to be initiated in ancient China. They are not like typical round oranges. They are oblong. It is very easy to peel. Mandarin oranges are of different popular types. It is rich in nutrition. A small-medium size contains 47 calories, 12g carbs, 26% of DV vitamin C, and many more. It can provide you will immense health benefits if you consume it daily.

Like all other fresh fruit, mandarin orange also goes bad. Soon after you pick it from the tree, the life of the fruit gets shorter. You can save it by storing it well.

How to store mandarin orange?

There are plenty of ways to store mandarin oranges. Storing is important to elongate the shelf-life. And they are not available throughout the year. It has just a specific season. Following are a few of the ways to adapt for storing the fruit. If you do not follow, they will go bad within no time.

Store at room temperature

If you plan on consuming the fruit shortly, store it at room temperature. You can store them there but not for a very long period. It will, within few days, start going bad. Wash them thoroughly completely dry them out. Put fruit in the basket and then store. Do not store mandarin orange wet, or the fruit will start spoiling the same day.

Keep away from heat

Mandarin orange will go awful if exposed to the sunlight. It is prohibited to store them were out in the open to heat sources. They soak up the moisture as it mostly contains water content. This will leave the fruit dry and nasty.

Use air-tight container

If you want to store your fruit at places other than room temperature, use an air-tight container. The air-tight container will not allow moisture and other contaminants to enter the container. This process will help in keeping the fruit fresh and protected. It is one of the idle ways to make it eatable for long.

Store in refrigerator

The best way to store your mandarin orange hydrated and fresh is to store them in the refrigerator. It is a highly recommended way to adopt. But do not keep them directly into the refrigerator. Keep an air-tight container or zip lock bag for storage. Place your mandarin orange in a container or zip lock bag and take out the excess air. And then keep them and enjoy, don’t worry, probably for a week.

Can you freeze mandarin orange?

Yes, you can freeze mandarin orange like all other citrus fruits. But it depends on the form you will be using later on. There are several different methods to freeze mandarin orange. You can freeze them in every form as a whole, sliced, unpeeled and peeled, etc. It is not easy to freeze mandarin orange.

There are several procedures involved. If you want to exact the juice, later on, freezing them whole is all good. The peeled oranges maintain their flavor. If you want to enjoy it as a fresh snack, store them after you peel them. Frozen fruit is always enjoyable and refreshing in most cases.

How long does mandarin orange last?

There is different lasting ability. It depends on the quality of mandarin oranges. And secondly, how you have stored the fruit tells how long it will last. There are ways to make them last. Well, there are long-term and short-term storage methods. And these ways identify the lasting potential.

If you store them at room temperature, the fresh mandarin orange will last up to 2 to 3 weeks. But don’t get fool with an exact expiry date. Keep an eye on the fruit. The same oranges will stay fresh for 1 to 2 months in the refrigerator. That’s why it has been suggested the best storing place.

If the mandarin oranges are cut, they will have only the same day on the kitchen counter. But in the refrigerator, it will not go bad for 1 to 2 days. The more it will last in the freezer. The frozen mandarin orange will last up to 6 months to a whole year.

How to tell if mandarin orange is bad?

There are different techniques to know if the mandarin orange is bad. You have to be very careful. Consuming bad fruit comes with serious health risks. And health shall always be the priority. Following are those indicators that will help you in identifying.

  • The first indicator will be visible on the surface of the fruit. At the start, the fruit will start getting very soft and not in a condition to eat.
  • The will be then white mold formation. That, with time, will turn green and spread all over the mandarin orange. Do not eat and discard in that case.
  • The discoloration is another sign that your fruit is going to spoil. Be aware and throw the fruit right away. Eating fruit in such a condition is injurious.
  • Another sign is mandarin orange has a strong citrus smell. And if the smell is unpleasant, you can smell it easily. If the smell is bad, the fruit is bad.