Do Malay Apples Go Bad

Do Malay Apples Go Bad?

A charm to the eye in each regard, the Malay apple is famous for the beauty of its tree.  Its colorful, glistening fruits and flowers, without parallel in the family Myrtaceae. Botanically known as Syzygium malaccense. It is originally found in Malaysia thus named Malay Apple. It is red from the outside and white from the inside. Although it is called apple but shape is like an avocado.

It has many health benefits and one of the famous fruit to make wines. People in Indonesia use its leaves in salad. Due to the higher amount of water in it, it contains fewer calories.

How to Store Malay Apple

You might be wondering how you can store this delicious and charming fruit in your house. That depends on the method you are using to preserve it or store it for a long time.

You might not be apple to eat all of the Malay apples that you bought from the market. So, in that case, you may want to know how you can store it properly. Read through the article to know more about it.

Keep at Room Temperature

The Malay apple is a tropical fruit, which means it can not survive cold temperatures. Thus it is recommended that you should keep your Malay apple at room temperature, provided the temperature is not very hot or very cold. Keeping at room temperature can last this fruit up to 4 to 6 days.

Do not refrigerate it.

As mentioned earlier, it can not last long while it is in a cold environment. So it is advised not to store your Malay apple in the refrigerator. As keeping it in the refrigerator will make this fruit get spoiled very fast and very easily.

Make it JamJam

People like to eat in jams. You can also store your Malay apple in the form of jams. Doing so will retain its life for a very long period. You can use and taste the delicious flesh of Malay apple in every season throughout the year.

Away from Heat

It is observed that after plucking off, keeping Malay apple under the impact of direct sunlight will cause it to get rot because of the extreme heat. So keep it under shady and dark place.

Can You Freeze Malay Apple

The Malay apple is strictly a tropical plant. Thus, it can be damaged by the freezing temperatures. So if you want to store it for longer than usual, your best option to go with is to transform your Malay apple into other forms, i.e., fruit jam, wines, juice, etc.

That is solely your choice in which form you would like to preserve your Malay apple, but we recommend that storing in the form of JamJam is profitable. Because JamJam can be consumed regularly and in any season. You do not need a fridge to store JamJam; it can retain at room temperature throughout the year.

How Long Does Malay Apple Last

Everything fruit has its time when it loses its taste and starts spoiling. Thus your Malay apple can also get spoiled. But if you are adopting the aforementioned storage methods, your Malay apple can last for a long period.

The shelf life of Malay apples is from 4 to 6 days. So if you want to consume it fresh, you should consume it within that time frame to avoid getting spoiled. Keeping it in the refrigerator is not a good idea, so the best way to enjoy the taste of this delicious fruit is to store it in different forms.

If you are storing it in the form of JamJam, it can last for up to a year. If you make wine out of it, then it can last for many years. And you can also store the wine in the refrigerator. On the other hand, you can also stew the Malay apples using ginger and brown sugar. Storing like this can last up to a year as well.

How To Tell If Malay Apple Is Bad

All the fruits have their expiry dates on which they can no longer be usable. Your Malay apple can also get spoiled under certain circumstances and after a specific period. But the important thing is how would you identify if your Malay apple has gone bad or still healthy to be used. Let us find out,

  • Texture: The fresh Malay apple has a slippery yet shiny texture from the outside. When it is spoiled, you will see the black holes, and the texture will start deteriorating.
  • Smell: Use your nose to know if your Malay apple has gone bad or not. You will notice the pungent smell when it is rotten.
  • Color: The color of the peel will start changing from red to yellow and eventually brown. Which is a clear indication that your Malay apple is not able to consume now. It would be best if you discarded it.