Does Lychee Go Bad?

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Lychee grows on a tropical tree which is found in the areas of southeast China. Lychees are shaped like small berries. The outer skin is a rough texture, and from inside, it contains a seed covered by edible fruit. To eat it, you have to peel the skin off.

Lychee is a very healthy fruit. It contains Vitamin B and fiber, which is great for weight loss. Lychee contains potassium and copper, which helps you to control your blood pressure and heart rate. Lychee is a very tasty fruit, and you can use it as raw and make juice from it.

How To Store Lychee

Lychee is a seasonal fruit. It is eaten as fresh fruit, and you can use it to make juice, or even you can use it in a mixed cocktail. There are many ways through which you can preserve your fruit.

In Refrigeration

The most appropriate method of storing lychee is to store them in a refrigerator. If you are storing fresh fruit, you have to wash your fruit first, keep them in a basket. It is not necessary to take the leaves off before keeping them in a refrigerator.

If you are planning to store your fruit to make juice from it. You have to wash it first and then peel the skin off. It contains one seed which you have to remove as well. One container will be required, which should be air tighten. Put them in a container and keep them in a refrigerator.

In your Pantry

You can also store your fruit in the kitchen area. However, it cannot last for a long time, but you can preserve it for a day or two. It carries leaves, and for preserving them, you have to tie all leaves together. You can put all your fruit in a basket and cover it with a thin cloth.

The only requirement is that it cannot absorb too much heat. You have to use water spray on it so it will remain fresh. You have to keep looking if any fruit is getting spoiled; remove it; otherwise, it will affect other fruits as well.

Freeze it

Freezing is the most common method which is used all over the world. You can freeze your fruit by peeling the skin off and keeping them in a plastic bag. You can use frozen fruit in many recipes like fruit cocktails or making jelly.

Can You Freeze Lychee

As discussed above, you can freeze lychee. In most countries, they considered using frozen fruit because it’s a tropical fruit and a very sweet taste. You cannot freeze your fruit with skin as it is covered with a hard texture layer. You are required to peel the skin off.

Once the skin is removed, you have to remove the seed as well. Sometimes from inside, the fruit is spoiled. You have to discard it, and now you can keep your fruit in a container. You can add 2 cups of water and sugar syrup to freeze them.

How Long Does Lychee Last

Lychee has great taste, and the best part is even if it is stored for a long time, its taste does not change. The expiry of fruit is completely based on the method of storage. If you are considering storing your fruit in a refrigerator, it will allow you to use it for 5 to 6 days.

On the contrary, if you are storing your fresh fruit in an open area, it will not stay fresh for a longer time, but you can use it for 1 or 2 days. If you give your preference to freeze your fruit, its expiry date can be six months.

Lychees are grown in summer, but they cannot absorb too much heat, and for that, if you keep doing water spray once a day, it will stay fresh.

How To Tell If Lychee Is Bad

Lychee is a very refreshing tropical fruit, and it is very famous all over Asia. Though it is a seasonal fruit and many companies use its flavor in jellies, juice, mix cocktails, etc. Following are the key points that will help you identify that when your fruit is not able to use anymore.

  • Appearance: Lychee has a hard outer layer; when they are going bad, they will become softer. When you squeeze it, you will be able to feel that your fruit is spoiled. The red skin will start turning brown.
  • Bad Smell: When lychees are expired, they start smelling very bad. Sometimes it is unbearable because they are tied together, and one bad fruit will ruin the other fruit.
  • Bad Taste: Another identification is that its taste will be changed. They have a very sweet taste, but once they are spoiled, your fruit will become sour.