Do Loquats Go Bad

Do Loquats Go Bad?

Loquats are grown on large trees and are usually found in China and Japan. They are mix color combination of yellow and orange. Loquats are shaped like small berries containing a seed inside and a hard outer surface. They have a mixed taste of sweet and tartaric and it contains many nutritional values.

Loquat contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and calcium, potassium, and fiber which helps you control your blood pressure boost your immune system, and helps to prevent dehydration. Loquats can be eaten with skin or without skin. You can eat it raw and also can make juice from it.

How To Store Loquat

Loquat is considered to be the most refreshing fruit which you can eat in quantity in one sitting. It is a very famous seasonal fruit in Asia. You can make juice from it, and it can help you to make more recipes. There are certain methods through which you can store your loquats.

Refrigerate it

If you are considering storing your fruit for a long time, the appropriate option is to keep them in a refrigerator. You can store it raw and cutting it into pieces. If you are storing them raw, you have to wash them and remove the leaves. Keep the loquat in a basket and put it in a refrigerator.

If you want to store them in pieces, you have to wash them first and then cut the fruit into two pieces. Remove the seeds and keep them in a plastic bag and seal it. Make sure the bag is air-tight. You can put them in a refrigerator, which will help you use them for a month.

In your Pantry

The option of storing a loquat in your pantry comes up if you consider consuming it in a day or maybe two days. You can preserve your fruit by keeping them in a basket, and you have to cover it with aluminum or plastic foil paper. Fresh fruit can be useful for a day.

If you are cutting them into pieces, storing them in an open area is not an option. Once the seeds are removed, there are chances that they will start gaining moisture which will eventually result in the resultant becoming spoiled.

Away from Sunlight

Loquats are not sensitive, though, but they can’t absorb too much heat. So it is necessary to keep it away from sunlight and should be placed in a cooler area.

Can You Freeze Loquat

The simple answer is yes, you can freeze your loquat, and for that, you have to follow a process called blanching. Wash fresh loquats and remove leaves. Cut it into two pieces and remove the seed.

Now take two glasses of water and boil it. Once water is boiled, add two teaspoons of sugar and stir it well. Once the syrup is cool down, put the syrup in a jar with your fruit and seal it properly, and now you can freeze it. Freezing like this will retain its freshness and taste alive.

How Long Does Loquat Last

Loquat grows on trees, and the life of the loquat tree is 3 to 4 years. It takes almost 85 to 90 days to grow. The expiry date of the loquat depends on the way of your preservation. If you give your preference to store your fruit in a refrigerator, it can last from 2 weeks to a month.

The fresh loquats can last for a maximum of a week, but too much heat or hot weather can make them spoiled even in a day. The most suitable way to consume your fruit for a long time is to freeze them. If you are freezing your fruit as it is. You won’t be able to consume it for a longer period.

But if you considered freezing your fruit by making syrup and freezing them by adding syrup in it, The expiry date of the fruit will be extended, and the taste will not be changed.

How To Tell If Loquat Is Bad

Loquat has a mixed taste of sweet and tartaric that you can consume in quantity. There are many benefits of loquats, and they are very easily available. Though loquats have a good shelf life, some key factors can help you know that your fruit is going bad.

  • Appearance: Loquats have a hard outer surface, and while eating, you will feel the roughness of a fruit. When fruit is going bad, the outer part will become soft, and you will see different textures or patches. Due to heat or moisture, they will start spoiling.
  • Lack of Water: Loquat tree requires a huge quantity of water to produce fresh and healthy fruit. Sometimes when they do not get the proper amount of water, their leaves start changing their color from green to brown. It impacts the fruit as well, and you cannot eat it.