Do Kumquats Go Bad?

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Kumquat is a small fruit equal to the size of an olive. This fruit resembles much like orange and also has an orange color. The fruit has a sour and tangy taste with a slight sweetness. Kumquat’s peel is also eaten and tastes sweet. You can wash and eat the fruit.

Kumquat is mainly cultivated in southeast Asia, but its trees are also found in America, Europe, and China. The fruit tree can survive at low temperatures, and the fruit is ready for harvest from November till March. Make sure to pick only those which are completely orange.

How To Store Kumquat

Kumquat is similar to oranges with high water content, due to which the fruit has a low shelf life and needs to be properly stored at room temperature. Following are the methods you can apply to store kumquat for longer usage.

At Room Temperature

Kumquats are only stored at room temperature when they are to be used within days. However, they may get spoiled quickly if placed at room temperature. For storing at room temperature, make sure that your place the fruit out of reach from the heat in some cool, dry corner of your kitchen.

Do not place them in a sealed container because of their high water content. There will be natural moisture buildup. This moisture buildup can make it catch mold and will speed up the process of rotting.

Refrigerate It

Refrigeration is a technique that is used to store kumquat on a domestic level. Refrigeration can increase the life of the fruit. You can place kumquat in a bucket and place it in the vegetable compartment. The cool environment and air circulation allow the fruit to stay fresh, and any moisture buildup is removed, which prevents mold development.

Kumquat is small in size, and one can consume complete fruit. It is suggested that you do not place the fruit in the refrigerator if sliced. The fruit will expire more quickly than its average time in the refrigerator. Wash the fruit only when you have to use it or speed up the rotting process.

Freeze It

Freezing your fruit is a method applied when you need to store your fruit for a longer period. You can place your fruit in the freezing bag or a sealed container and place it in the freezer. People also slice and place the fruit in the freezer depending on the use, but it is practiced rarely.

Can You Freeze Kumquat

You can freeze kumquat, but it is only practiced only on a commercial level but is usually consumed fresh and stored in the refrigerator. To freeze kumquat, you can place the fruit in the freezer by placing it into a sealable container or a freezing bag.

Before storing, you can wash your fruit and then place your fruit. If you plan to slice and freeze the fruit, remove the seeds before placing them in the freezer. Make sure to remove any air in the bag in which the fruit is being stored. Covering the fruit in water and sugar syrup will make it last longer.

How Long Does Kumquat Last

Kumquat is a juicy fruit, and the environment affects the credibility of the fruit. The fruit can last for up to 3 days when placed at room temperature, provided that the atmosphere is somewhat cold. In the hot season, the fruit may not last longer than 1 – 2 days maximum.

At home, people usually place the fruit in the refrigerator, which has a drastic increase in the fruit life. In the refrigerator, a kumquat can last for about two weeks if not sliced. In case there is any rotten fruit placed among others, or there is sliced fruit kept, it may last for only a week.

Storing kumquat by freezing increases the life span of the fruit for a couple of months. You can make the fruit last longer for 4 – 5 months by storing it by freezing it. If sliced fruit is stored, then it will last for three months maximum.

How To Tell If Kumquat Is Bad

Kumquat fruit gets expired very quickly. You can easily tell if the fruit has gone rogue. The fruit will exhibit apparent signs of expiry.

  • Appearance: The first sign to look for is to see if the fruit has changed its color. The fruit will have an orange color, and a bad fruit will have changed color to brown. Such fruit will have gotten soft when touched than a fresh one.
  • Smell: The smell of a rotten fruit will have a sour smell, and on cutting the fruit, you will sense a bad smell of rotten fruit.
  • Taste: If the taste of the kumquat is sour, then it is time you throw your fruit. You will see the fruit will have a mushy inner texture, do not eat much fruit. If the smell and appearance of the fruit are evident, then the suggestion is not to taste the fruit.