Do Kidney Beans Go Bad?

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The bean’s name is kidney because the shape of it resembles a kidney and the color is also red. Kidney beans are nutrient-rich and have been cultivated for about 8000 years. It originates from Peru, but today, the kidney beans are harvested in Southeast Asian countries, Mexico and Central America.

Kidney beans usually take about 140 days to grow. The beans are cultivated in summers, in June, and are ready to be harvested in winter. The plant needs warm soil with lots of sunlight and water. One can easily grow kidney beans in their garden.

How To Store Kidney Beans

Kidney beans have longer shelf lives and stay fresh for a couple of months. Kidney beans are toxic and need to be boiled for half an hour to eliminate toxicity. Here are some storage techniques you can imply to make your beans last longer.

Room Temperature

You can store the kidney beans at room temperature. It can last for a couple of months and are safe to use. However, you need to make sure not to wash the beans before storage. If washed, somehow place them on the towel and let the air completely dry them.

You can contain your beans in an airtight container to contaminate them from the external environment. Do not soak the beans in water before storing them, or the absorbed moisture will later be the cause of mold development and taste change in the beans.

Refrigerate it

Boiled beans cannot be stored at room temperature but can be contained in the refrigerator. Do not put your boiled beans in the airtight container, or there will be mold development which will eventually spoil all your beans. You can place your beans in an open plastic bucket and place the beans in the refrigerator.

Only use refrigeration if you will consume your beans in a short time. Or the beans will go dry after some time and will affect the taste of your food.

Freeze it

Freezing beans is the most preferred method on domestic and commercial scales because they can last longer and can be easily thawed when needed. You can place the beans in a freezing bag and place them in the freezer. It will take up to 4 – 5 hours for beans to completely freeze.

Can You Freeze Kidney Beans

Raw kidney beans are not frozen; but instead, they are boiled and then frozen. The boiled beans will make them soft. Let the beans cool at room temperature, and afterward, you can place the beans in a container or a freezing bag. Before freezing the beans, make sure to drain all the water.

You can buy canned beans from the market, but one cannot always consume all of them. The leftover can be placed in the freezer, which can later be thawed for reuse. Do not freeze and thaw again and again, or it will affect the taste of beans.

How Long Does Kidney Beans Last

Raw kidney beans have a long shelf life but are used upon boiling. You can place the raw beans on your kitchen shelf, and they will last for approximately six months, provided if they are placed in a dark, cool, and dry corner of the kitchen. If placed near the heat, then they may last for only two months approximately.

Boiled beans cannot last for more than two days at room temperature. Kidney beans are often boiled and placed in the refrigerator, making them last longer for 1 – 2 weeks. If the beans are placed in the airtight container, then they may catch mold in a week.

Freezing the boiled kidney beans is the most popular way to store beans in this way; they can last for about 4 – 7 months. Frozen beans can easily be thawed at room temperature or in warm water, and one consumes the required quantity only.

How To Tell If Kidney Bean Is Bad

Despite longer shelf life, raw or boiled kidney beans can get expired. Following are the properties one can look for to identify expired beans.

  • Appearance: The raw beans, after six months, will start degradation. In canned beans, you can see signs of mold. Even if you have placed it in the refrigerator, the beans may catch mold, or they may dehydrate and lose taste.
  • Odor: The beans will have a strong foul odor of expiration when the can is opened. However, the boiled beans will show a very slight odor of expiry. You can waste your beans if you are even slightly sure about the smell.
  • Taste: Spoiled beans will taste bad. One cannot tell if the beans are cold. However, you can leave it at room temperature and taste only one. If consumed in food, then the overall flavor of the food will go bad.