Do Jelly Beans Go Bad?

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Jelly beans are the perfect snack for the midday carvings. They are soft and yummy and very light in eating. Since they contain sugar, they can last for a long time. Ingredients used in making jelly beans shell include sugar, corn syrup, starch. If one of them goes bad to go bad, the whole product will go bad.

However, jelly beans may go bad if they are not stored properly. Factors that play a role in the degeneration of jelly beans including high temperature, texture, and quality of ingredients used.

Besides that, humidity also impacts the decaying process of jelly beans. Humid air causes crackle on jelly beans, and you would see a clear change in jelly bean’s color.

How to Store Jelly Beans?

To store sweets are not quite much of a difficult task. Since it has a good shelf life, you can easily store it at many different places. Following are the ways of storing the jelly beans.

Store in kitchen

You can easily store your jelly bean anywhere in your kitchen, such as in a cabinet or on the shelf. All that you have to take care of is to store it in a cool and dry place.

Store Them at Low Temperature

The sweet things contain a high content of sugar, which is a natural preservative. So it is important to store them at normal temperature. The reason is that high temperature causes wrecking in the external shells. Besides that, it leads to the softening of the jelly beans and as the sugar starts melting at high temperature.

Place them in a cool and dry place

To increase jelly beans’ shelf life, place them in a cool and dry place to retain freshness for a longer period in the kitchen or pantry. Do not let the moisture enter into the container containing them because that can spoil them.

Store in The Fridge

You can store jelly beans in the fridge to prevent them from getting spoiled at high temperatures. Besides that, refrigerator also keeps it away from the moisture.

Use Airtight Jar

To retain their quality, texture, and taste for longer, use an airtight jar or zip-top bag. You can also place the opened packet of jelly beans in a zip top bag to prevent them from getting bad.

Can You Freeze Jelly Beans?

Normally jelly beans cannot be frozen. The reason is that, it does not contain any substance that may be spoil it. Jelly beans remain fresh for a long time of up to 12 months without freezing. So, it is not very necessary to freeze them for preventing them from going bad.

It is possible to freeze them if you still want to do it. All that you can do for freezing them is to wrap them in a plastic bag or store them in an airtight jar to protect them from moisture. However, if you defrost them, they will lose their original shape and taste and their color will also change.

How Long Do Jelly Beans Last

The lasting period of jelly beans depend upon the best by date mentioned on its packet as well as the way that you store it. Normally, they can last for up to 1-2 years beyond the expiry date printed on the packets.

However, if they are kept for more than 2 years, their freshness many be lost. Jelly bean’s duration of freshness depends upon the manufacturing date. In most of the cases, jelly beans will remain fresh for up to 1-2 years.

The unopened pack of jelly beans lasts for 2-3 years. However, the opened pack of jelly beans can last for up to 3 – 4 months. If you have stored them in the freezer, they will remain fresh for up to 2 to 3 years.

How Tell If Jelly Beans Go Bad?

The only way for the jelly beans to go bad is that either they do not have quality ingredients used or they were not stored properly.

The jelly beans do not go bad easily because of the preservatives used in the jelly beans. However, when following symptoms appear in jelly beans it means that they might have gone bad. If you should notice all the jelly bean’s symptoms, don’t eat them because it’s time to get rid of these jelly beans.

  • The appearance of any mold or fungus formation shows that the jelly beans have gone defaced. You do need to use them.
  • If discoloration occurs, the jelly beans may go bad.
  • Bad odor is also a major symptom to check whether it may go bad or not.
  • You can also check them my chewing them. If chewing feels hard or does not taste good, you will not use it.