Do Jalapenos Go Bad

Do Jalapenos Go Bad?

Jalapenos are 6-10 cm long chili peppers and are red or green in color. Since they come under the category of vegetables so they do go bad., They last for a very few days if they are stored at room temperature but they lose their spiciness with time.

If they are stored in the refrigerator, they will last for two weeks at least. After two weeks, they may get wrinkled that won’t look good, but it’s not a bad sign and you can still use them.

Jalapenos do not last long, so use them while they are still fresh. Their freshness may fade away within just a few days so, if you are not planning to use them very soon, it’s better to put them in a cool place or freeze them.

How to Store Jalapenos?

Jalapenos, like other vegetables, would be in better shape if they are stored in a cool and shady or dark place.

Refrigerate Your Jalapenos

If you have bought some fresh jalapenos and want to store them for more than a few days, you must refrigerate them. Sort the fresh jalapenos into two parts. Make two different boxes, one to use in one week and the other to use later. Store the 1st box in the fridge and the 2nd  in the freezer so they don’t go bad.

Freeze the Chopped Ones

If you have some leftover chopped jalapenos, you can still store them. For this purpose, transfer the chopped pieces to an airtight plastic bag. Before sealing it, make sure to squeeze out all the air.

Keep away from Moisture

You should also avoid getting the jalapenos wet because the interaction of jalapenos to the moisture speeds up the process of rotting.

Canned Jalapenos

Jalapenos also come canned as well as bottled. Store the opened can in the pantry away from any source of heat and light. You can also store the opened bottles or tins in the fridge. Transfer the jalapenos along with the liquid from the tin in an airtight container or a mason jar. Always keep the jalapenos be soaked in the brine; otherwise, it will get dry and even get moldy after some time.

Can you freeze Jalapenos?

If you are using the canned or bottled jalapenos, you can freeze you do not need to freeze them as they contain preservatives and can last for a long time. However, for the regular jalapenos, the shelf life is shorter, so they can be frozen.

For freezing the jalapenos following are the steps that you need to follow.

  • Wash your jalapenos in clean water.
  • Cut the stalk and also cut them open and get the seeds out.
  • Cut them into smaller pieces, and don’t forget to wear gloves while cutting them to prevent skin burns.
  • Put them into a plastic bag like zip lock bags and seal them to squeeze out air to avoid freeze burns.
  • Put in the freezer and label them to avoid over freezing or mixing them with other peppers with other freezing dates.

How long do Jalapenos last?

Like all the other vegetables, Jalapenos will go bad after a short period. Fresh jalapenos will keep their quality for a very few days, like 3 to 5 days if you store them in the pantry and 7 to 14 days if kept in a fridge. In short, we can say they are quite similar to peppers in this regard. For the chopped jalapenos, they will be good to go for 2 to 4 days.

However, like the other canned products, jalapenos come with the best by date. But it will stay good for many months past that date if they are not opened. If you have an opened tin, they can easily last a month or two in the refrigerator if you store them well.

How to Tell If Jalapenos Is Bad?

It’s not certain for the jalapenos to grow mold or get wrinkled for the period mentioned above. Fresh peppers may not go bad after two weeks in the fridge. Wrinkles may appear on its skin, but that does not mean that it has gone bad; however, its quality would not be the same. Peppers lose their spiciness with time, so it will be of no use.

  • One thing to remember is that if the jalapenos start to change color or smell, it is definitely the time you throw it out.
  • About canned jalapenos, if their jar is rusty or leaked, it means that the jalapenos have gone bad.

In short, when they become discolored spiceless or become soft, discard them because now they have gone bad.\