Do Indian Strawberries Go Bad

Do Indian Strawberries Go Bad?

It is believed that the Indian strawberry is native to North America. You can use it for medical purposes and eat otherwise. The taste is not identified. According to some people, it is tasteless. And the rest claim that it possesses a taste of watermelon.

It composes of vitamins and constituents that include vitamin C, protein, sugar, etc. In China, the Indian strawberry is used in a vast amount as an herb. It can cure skin issues. It has a high tendency of going bad quickly. To save your Indian strawberries from going bad, store them well.

How to store Indian strawberry?

Indian strawberry has a short shelf-life. And Indian strawberry is not available around the year. It has a specific season. And even in that, it is only available for few months. So, storing is a good option you can then use it for a whole year. There are many methods you can use to store Indian strawberry. But only a few best recommendations are mentioned down below.

Store at room temperature

Suppose you plan on consuming the Indian strawberry within a day or two, store at room temperature. But make sure it’s not too hot at room temperature. Or it will take no time to go bad. Cut the stem and keep it in the plastic box that it came in. It is advised to consume it on the same day or the next. Please don’t keep it for too long.

Give it a vinegar bath

Vinegar helps in destroying the bacteria and keeping the food fresh for a long. Don’t fear that your Indian strawberry will taste like vinegar. No, it won’t.  Mix vinegar in water and let the Indian strawberry soak in them. Soak them for 6 to 7 min and then drain the mixture. Pour normal water over it. Let them completely dry. After that, place the towel into the container you want to store. And then keep your Indian strawberry in it. Store it for more than a week.

Store in refrigerator

For long-term storage, nothing works best than a refrigerator. You won’t be disappointed for sure. Make sure to take out the damaged Indian strawberry and wash the rest. Place it onto the towel and let them dry. Please keep them in a container and keep them in the center of the refrigerator.

Keep it away from heat

It is highly recommended to keep your Indian strawberry away from sunlight. It is vulnerable to all sources of heat. It is advised to keep them at a cool temperature. In this way, it will not go awful. And you can enjoy them fresh.

Can you freeze Indian strawberry?

Yes, you can freeze your Indian strawberry. And it is a suitable way you can consume in the long run. Frozen Indian strawberry tastes amazing. And you don’t have to worry about it going bad. As long as you follow the instruction on how to freeze, it will work. You can freeze them sliced or, as a whole, both.

For freezing, wash them and let them naturally dry. Place a baking sheet onto the tray. Keep Indian strawberry in such a manner that two of them do not touch each other.  Keep the tray in the freezer let them freeze for few hours. Take out the tray and keep the frozen Indian strawberry in a zip-lock bag. Store them in the freezer. Enjoy!

How long does Indian strawberry last?

The Indian strawberry will only last if you take proper care. Also, shelf-life greatly depends on the quality of food as well. Otherwise, it will not last more than a day. There is a different lasting time frame. The lasting capacity depends on where and how you store them. If you store your Indian strawberry, it will only last for one or hardly two days. After that, it will go bad within no time.

Storing them in the refrigerator will extend its shelf-life. It will last up to 5 to 8 days. And after that, it will gradually start going bad. So, these were the short-term processes. Freezing always works best. And it is the go-to way for a lot of food items, including Indian strawberry. It will last up to 1 year and even 15 months. But you need to keep an eye on them daily and discard the damaged ones. Otherwise, it will spoil the whole bulk.

How to tell if Indian strawberry is bad?

The spoilage capacity is very fast. There are plenty of ways to know your Indian strawberry has gone bad. Do not consume the bad ones. It can lead to health issues. And health shall be your priority. Following are a few of those ways to know if the Indian strawberry has gone bad or not.

  • The formation of mold is one way to know that it has gone bad. Throw it right away. It is not good to consume.
  • The discoloration of the Indian strawberry is an indicator that you shall not eat it. Discard them or risk your health.
  • It can turn really mushy and soft and even watery. Do not eat or utilize for medical purposes.
  • Last but not least, the off smell is another indicator for you to know that it has gone awful. You shall not use it.