Do Indian Almonds Go Bad

Do Indian Almonds Go Bad?

Indian almond is a fruit nut with its origin from the Indian subcontinent and has an almond-like taste, hence the name. The outermost layer of Indian almond fruit has a sweet taste and is edible, while oil is extracted from the plant’s seed and is used for different purposes.

Indian almond is rich in nutrition and has a lot of health benefits. It prevents the body from inflammation and cancer and also is beneficial for the gut, liver, and heart. You can eat it as it is or, you can use its oil in different forms.

How to store Indian almonds?

Indian almond is a fruit nut that can last for a very long time. Its seeds contain oil that could go bad from heat, so you have to make sure that they are stored in a dry and dark place. The time for which Indian almonds will remain fresh and edible depends on the way they are stored. Following are a few places where you can store Indian almonds;

In the pantry

Storing them in a pantry is a good option if you want to store them at room temperature. You have to make sure that almonds are stored in a ventilated bag. If you do not have a ventilated bag, take a plastic bag, make holes in it, and store them. Place the Indian almonds at a dry and away from the pantry’s light spot for them to last longer.

In the refrigerator

If you want the Indian almonds to last longer than the last in the pantry, you can also store them in a refrigerator. Please place them in an air-tight container and store them in the fridge at a dry place. The seed oil of the nut rots at a warm temperature, so the refrigerator is a better option than storing them on the counter as the lower the temperature, the longer Indian almond will last.

In the freezer

If you want to store Indian almonds for the longest, freezing them is the best option as they remain fresh for a long time at low temperatures. You have to make sure that they are placed in an air-tight jar or container to ensure they do not absorb moisture and stay fresh longer.

Can you freeze Indian almond?

Freezing the Indian almonds is the best way to store them if you want them to last for the longest time. As almonds seed, oil can spoil due to heat so, to make them remain fresh for long, store them at the lowest possible temperature and freezer the best option for that.

Even in a freezer, you have to store them in a way that they remain well protected. You have to store the Indian almonds in an air-tight container to ensure they do not absorb moisture and remain dry as moisture can also affect their freshness.

How long does Indian almond last?

Indian almonds are one of those fruit nuts that do not spoil easily and can last for quite some time. But the time for which they remain fresh still depends on how and where they are stored. Indian almonds last the shortest on the counter. Their shelf life is about a few weeks.

While in a refrigerator, Indian almonds can be stored for six months to one year. The longest that Indian almonds can remain unspoiled is in a freezer. Freezing them can make them last for a couple of years.

On the other hand, the way they are stored is also important to estimate their shelf life. Moisture and heat are not good for their freshness, so you have to make sure that the place they are stored is dry and dark. On the counter, store them in a ventilated bag while the refrigerator and freezer place them in an air-tight container.

How to tell if Indian almond is bad?

When Indian almonds spoil, they change their appearance, taste, and smell, so you can tell if they are still edible by looking, tasting, or smelling them. If a mold starts to appear on them or they have some dark spots on them, it shows that they are no longer fresh.

When Indian almonds become rancid, their smell also changes. You will get a bitter, sour and, strong nuttiness smell from them. The best way to test the spoilage of Indian almonds is by tasting them. Rotten nuts have a bitter flavor and have a very bad taste, so you should discard them as soon as possible.

Moreover, Indian almonds can also get infected by insects, and that usually happens in the pantry. If the almonds are dried out, that too shows that they have lost their freshness and, it’s time for buying some fresh Indian almonds.