Do I Need a Ninja Creami? 

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Ninja Creami Ice CreamIn recent years, the Ninja Creami — a machine that can make ice cream out of anything — has taken over Tiktok as well as kitchens. Promising to deliver results similar to that of Dairy Queen’s Blizzard, dessert lovers have made it a point to get their hands on this machine. But ice cream isn’t the only thing it’s good for; in this article, we answer your question, “Do I need a Ninja Creami?” 

What is the Ninja Creami? 

The Ninja Creami is the combination of an ice cream maker and blender in one — while it has no cooling mechanism, it comes with various speed settings but it isn’t exactly like a blender. It uses a patented “creamify” technology that allows it to break down blocks of frozen foods into a smooth texture in just a few minutes. Simply put, it uses blades to chip away at the ice to whip them together to produce a creamy texture. 

As a result, you can create sorbets, ice cream, and other frozen desserts straight from your favorite fruits along with other base ingredients. Many people swear by this product and are happy with the results provided at a much more affordable price. While it isn’t cheap by means, it’s actually quite a steal (since it can also make shakes and smoothies too) compared to compressor-based ice cream makers. 


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How Does the Ninja Creami Work? 

Ninja Creami Ice Cream MakerThe Ninja Creami actually offers one of the easier ways for making ice cream because it doesn’t require you to do any kind of prep work or special ingredients for it to work. While the creation of traditional ice cream starts by making crème anglaise (tempering egg yolks to produce a custard) before it’s chilled and churned, the Creami is much simpler. All you have to do is pour a liquid base such as yogurt, milk, or a puréed frozen fruit then freeze it for 24 hours before pushing the button. 

The Ninja Creami machine resembles a tall coffee maker and comes with two pint-sized plastic jars which you can use to freeze your creations. Once you freeze your mixture, take off the lid from the containers and place it into the bigger container. Next, attach the lid with the spinning blade called the “creamerizer” and insert the whole container into the Creami. 

When you’re done, there are different buttons on the machine to choose from, including the following: 

  • “Lite” ice cream
  • Ice cream
  • Smoothie
  • Sorbet
  • Gelato
  • Milkshake
  • Mix-ins
  • Re-spin

Because there are quite a few options, it can be tedious trying to figure out the exact setting you want to use for making your desserts. However, you’ll find out that they all share a basic function, which is to slowly (and loudly) spin around the chamber to turn everything into a creamy mixture. The whole process will take around two to three minutes, but the result may need a re-spin at times. 

You’ll be able to tell if you need this due to the chalky appearance which happens when one of the ingredients was too cold. Once you reach your desired consistency, you can add mix-ins such as peanut butter, cookies, M&M’s, and more, then press that button to have the machine mix everything together. Luckily, Ninja’s website is home to many recipes, some of which only need five ingredients along with well-known favorites — the brand also offers a cookbook. 

Important Ninja Creami Tips

What Is Ninja CreamiUsing the Ninja Creami is simple enough but there are a few things you need to know before fully committing to investing in your own Creami at home. 

1. Always Mix Your Ingredients Thoroughly 

While the Creami is definitely one of the more innovative machines in the ice cream industry, many people have dealt with clumping issues. This is especially true for those who used it for making protein powder in their shakes, so you’ll want to ensure that everything in your mixture is well-mixed. You might find that using a handheld frother will provide you with the best results. 

2. You Will Need to Do an Extra Spin

The Ninja Creami has strong blades and performs well with softer ingredients but you may need to use the “re-spin” feature on your concoction if it has a chalky appearance. After months of using their Creami regularly, many fans have determined that most food they made needed to go through this cycle again to provide extra blending for a much better texture. 

3. You can’t Expect to Eat Ice Cream Right Away

We all appreciate how the Creami is easy to use and how much it cuts our prep time, and as a result, we never have to worry about doing much work for our desserts. But you will still need to freeze your base ingredients 24 hours before mixing anything. 

4. Leftovers Won’t Be Great 

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to refreeze any of the desserts you make with the Ninja Creami because they will have a huge drop in quality just like ice cream that is homemade. As such, be sure to eat all of your ice cream right away. 


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Below are some of the most asked questions about the Ninja Creami. 

How Long Will the Ninja CREAMi Take to Make Ice Cream?

While the Creami works with completely frozen ice cream bases, you won’t need to freeze any part of the machine for it to function. As such, you will need to freeze your mixtures one day before you can create your desserts. In comparison, many ice cream makers will take around 20 to 25 minutes to churn out ice cream but the Ninja Creami only needs 3 minutes. 

Is Ninja CREAMi worth it?

If you love to experiment with sorbet and ice cream flavors with fully customizable flavors, then the Creami is for you. Because you no longer have to make a custard base like in most existing ice cream makers, this machine provides a much easier experience and takes the guesswork out of making desserts. 

Does Ninja Creami Really Have to Freeze for 24 Hours?

According to the Ninja Creami website, yes. No matter what kind of dessert or mixture you’re making, it will usually take a full 24 hours for it to freeze evenly. While many people have been able to achieve good results in a shorter amount of time, doing this may void the product’s warranty. 

What is the Difference Between Ninja Creami and Ninja Creami Deluxe?

The standard Ninja Creami comes with the 7 pre-programmed settings discussed above, while the Ninja Creami Deluxe contains four more settings, including frozen drink, frozen yogurt, Italian ice, and Creamiccino.

Can I put frozen fruit in the Ninja CREAMi?

Yes, this is possible but your frozen fruit will need to be thawed before you use it. Once done, you may blend it with a liquid such as milk or other ingredients that can be added to your pint to act as bridges between the gaps in flavor. Always remember not to use frozen fruits only because this can damage the Creami. 

What is the difference between the Ninja CREAMi and a Traditional ice cream maker?

Apart from Ninja Creami’s exclusive “creamify” technology, this machine uses blades that break down frozen solid blocks of ingredients to deliver a creamy and smooth consistency reminiscent of ice cream. As a result, you no longer need to freeze the bowl from your ice cream machine or refrigerate the custard needed for your ice cream. Instead, you’ll be freezing your base mixture while the Creami turns all of them into ice cream. 

Because the ingredients are already frozen, the Creami only takes a few minutes to create ice cream and all kinds of desserts for your needs. In as little as 3 minutes, you can start enjoying your creation, while other similar machines will take anywhere between 15 to 20 minutes of churning. 


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Get Your Ninja Creami Today!

The verdict is in — Ninja Creami is a great deal that you should swipe before it’s gone! Those who love to experiment with ice cream, as well as classic gelato flavors, are sure to find the Ninja Creami a machine of pure delight. With it, your summers will be full of shakes, slushies, smoothies, ice creams, and all kinds of cold desserts. 

And when you get the urge to host parties, you can be sure that this extraordinary ice cream maker has the potential to create all the frozen drinks you like.