Do Grapes Go Bad

Do Grapes Go Bad?

Grapes are one of the most preferred fruits since they have a sweet and tangy flavor. They are good sources of vitamins and other nutrients. In early autumn, the markets are flooded with fresh grapes; everyone loves buying them.

People usually buy grapes in bulk because, in the case of grapes, the more is less. When you have purchased many grapes, you should look for some proper ways to store them. Unlike other fruits, grapes do not go bad too quickly. They offer you a good shelf life so you can enjoy them fresh whenever you like.

How to store your grapes?

The grapes are a perfect element of your autumn season, and you might not want them to go bad. You can keep your grapes fresh if you provide them with an optimum environment. Grapes can be stored in a couple of ways to increase their shelf life.

You can use the following methods to store your grapes, so you can eat them fresh whenever you want to.

Discard the bad ones from the bunch

When you buy a bunch of grapes from the market, there might be a chance of the presence of some bad grapes in your perfectly seeming bunch. These bad grapes would damage all your fresh grapes.

You will have to remove the bad ones from the bunch to keep your other grapes fresh for a long time.

Keep them in an airtight container

Grapes can absorb odor from other substances; they should never be kept along with foods with a strong smell like onions. Instead, you can put them in an airtight container or a vacuum seal bag that could prevent contamination of any other food odor.

Keep them away from sunlight

Grapes should never be kept under direct sunlight. The heat from the sunlight withdraws moisture from them and turns them wrinkly. They do not look appealing and may catch mold formation soon. In the end, you will have to throw away your grapes.

Refrigerate your grapes

Grapes are best stored in refrigerators. There is no mold formation in the fridge for low temperature is not apt for mold and bacteria growth. The low temperature also prevents them from dehydrating, so they stay fresh for a long time.

Can you freeze your grapes?

The grapes can be frozen when you want to keep them for months. The frozen grapes retain their freshness, aroma, and flavor for a long time. You can eat them just like other grapes when you thaw them. The seedless grapes are best frozen because they retain their shape after thawing.

Make sure you store your perfect bits of grapes so, upon thawing, they do not wrinkle. You should thoroughly wash your grapes, followed by completely drying them. You can now keep them in a ziplock bag or an airtight container and freeze them later on.

How long will your grapes last?

Grapes offer a good shelf life as they are not spoiled easily. They can last for about two to three days on your kitchen counter without going bad. Their life span can be increased for up to a week after you have refrigerated them. They will not go bad soon unless they are wet.

The frozen grapes offer you the longest life span for up to four to five months. They do not go bad in the freezer. Even when you thaw them, they can still be cherished like fresh grapes. You can dry your grapes into raisins to store them for up to a year without the fear of them going bad.

How to tell if grapes are bad?

You would have devoured your grapes quite early before their going bad. There are very few cases when you observe that your grapes have gone bad. Bad grapes can cause serious health issues, so you need to know when they have gone bad.

You can identify if your grapes have gone bad if you know the following points.

  • Fresh grapes have tight skin on the outside. If you notice that the grapes’ skin is turning wrinkly, it might indicate that your grapes are going bad.
  • Bad grapes are often mushy and lose their water content. If you notice anything like this, say goodbye to your grapes.
  • You can easily observe discoloration in your grapes when they go bad. The fresh green color of the grapes turns brown, giving you a nasty look.
  • The rotten grapes give off a strong vinegar-like pungent smell. It depicts fermentation in your grapes, and you would not want to eat them as they could give you diarrhea.
  • There will be mold and bacterial growth on your grapes once they have gone bad. Molding is a confirmed sign of spoilage, so you should throw them without a second thought.