Do Grapefruits Go Bad?

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Grapefruits are termed as the “Brain Fruit” as they replenish the nutrients in your body. It is a bomb of Vitamin C that helps combat diseases and also hydrates your body. The grapefruits are a perfect addition to your desserts and salads, or you can enjoy them on their own.

Grapefruits do go bad like other fruits, but they take a little longer to go bad due to their thick rind outside. You should make sure that you eat the fresh grapefruit every time to enjoy its maximum benefits. You will have to store them properly to preserve their freshness.

How to store your grapefruits?

Grapefruits offer a good shelf due to their thick rind outside. It prevents dehydration, so the pulp of the grapefruit does not dry out easily. Whenever you are buying the grapefruits, make sure that it is fresh.

You can check so from the skin of the grapefruit. If it is tight and has good hydration, it will stay fresh for an extended period. You can store your grapefruit in the following ways.

Keep them away from sunlight

Like any other fruit, grapefruits should be kept away from sunlight. The sunlight promotes dehydration of the grapefruit. The juicy grapefruits will have a dry husky texture. The sunlight can also pace up the growth of molds and bacteria on your grapefruits so that they will go bad soon.

Store the grapefruits in your refrigerator

Your refrigerator gives the best environment to your grapefruits. The grapefruits stay fresh for a long time than on the shelf in the fridge. There is less chance of mold growth in the refrigerator. The grapefruits retain moisture in them.

Storing your cut grapefruits

You can store your cut grapefruits in your fridge if you think you will be short on time when you have to use them. Peel the rind off you’re your grapefruits. Cut your grapefruits and deseed them.

You can put your grapefruits in an airtight container and store them in your refrigerator. You can wrap them with plastic film or a damp cloth, so they do not dry out, or you can vacuum seal them using a food saver appliance.

Can you freeze your grapefruits?

If you want to keep your grapefruits for up to some months, you can keep them in your freezer. It will not go bad for four to five months in your freezer. You can not freeze them with their skin on; rather, you will have to peel them first. Once you have peeled your grapefruits, you need to cut them and deseed them.

The cut grapefruits can either be put in a ziplock bag or an airtight container. They can also be vacuum-sealed so to prevent them from freeze burn. You can also store your grapefruit in the form of juice in the freezer. For convenience, they can be stored in ice cube trays.

How long do grapefruits last?

Grapefruits do not go bad soon. Their thick rind helps them to have an extended shelf life. They can stay fresh for up to two to three on your shelf. They will not go bad provided that they are given optimum storage conditions.

The shelf life increases up to four to five weeks when kept in the fridge. The cut grapefruits do not last for five weeks usually; they should be consumed within two weeks, or they may go mushy.

The frozen grapefruits can last for five months in your freezer. If they are vacuum-sealed, there are chances of its life span to go beyond five months. If your grapefruits are thawed repeatedly, it may reduce the shelf life and go bad within a few months.

How to tell if grapefruits are bad?

Any food product shows some signs before it starts to go bad. You can consume it, so it does not go to waste. If you could not use it before time, you need to know the conditions when it has turned bad, so you do not eat the bad grapefruits. You can take guidance from the following points to check if the grapefruits are good to go.

  • There is discoloration on the grapefruits. The color of the grapefruits becomes dull. You may also notice some bruises or black spots on it, indicating that the grapefruits are going bad.
  • The grapefruits may become mushy and release their juices. The skin of the grapefruits becomes slackened. You should throw your grapefruits if you notice this condition.
  • The grapefruits may become dehydrated if you accidentally leave them in sunlight for a long time. They can not be consumed then.
  • You may observe a funky smell coming off from the grapefruits, confirming that grapefruits are not good to be used and must be thrown away.
  • Molds may also appear on your grapefruits. If it happens, you would not want to use them any longer because they may create health issues for you later.