Do Figs Go Bad?

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Figs are sweet to taste and little crunchy fruit. It belongs to the mulberry family. Their chewy and soft texture is just amazing. They are perishable and very delicate.

Figs have an illustrious history. Figs are a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Figs are natural laxatives. Figs encourage health and wellness. Figs are a great addition to your breakfast. We can also use figs in baking.

Moreover, they are good to go in salads and juices. It partners well with cheese. Figs resemble a lot with a teardrop. Yes, figs spoil too. To know when your fig is no longer fresh to be eaten, you must continue reading this article.

How to store figs?

Figs have a brief shelf life. You should pick the ripe figs. Figs don’t continue the process of ripening once they are picked.

Buy figs only when you decide to finish them fast. We store fruits with great care so to enhance their shelf life. Follow the instruction to store figs for a long period.

Cool places

Figs should be ripe when bought. It would help if you placed figs somewhere where there is a cool environment.

You can keep figs in your pantry. Figs sit well at your countertop for two to five days. Room temperature is fine to store figs for a maximum of five days.

Fresh fruits expire fast as compared to other ingredients in dishes. Fresh figs are important to deal with care.

Damp paper towels

A little moisture is good for figs. While storing you, a provide moisture to figs but not too much. You can practice this with damp paper towels.

Damp paper towels work as an added protection. Keep your figs away from heat sources. Heat causes fruit to deteriorate fast. Make sure you don’t store figs in layers.

They shouldn’t be on top of one and the other. Store them separate from each other. Cover them with a damp paper towel for extra protection. Avoid storing in places exposing to sunlight or heat.

Refrigerate them

The refrigerator provides the necessary cool temperature for figs. Your fridge is another cool place to store your figs for a long time.

It would be best if you put them in an airtight container. Airtight container prevents the process of deterioration. You can save your figs simply in your refrigerator for a long period.

Figs can stay well in your refrigerator for a week. It is always good to consume figs as soon as possible. This way you can enjoy the healthy life of your figs.

Can we freeze figs?

We can either refrigerate figs or freeze them. If you are concerned about storing a ton of your figs that you cannot consume early, freeze them.

Yes, it is fine to freeze your figs. For longer storage, you can freeze your figs. However, the texture of your figs is at risk when you freeze them.

On thawing, you can observe that your figs have become mushy and soft. You better not expect your frozen figs to taste the same as fresh ones. It is still healthy. Figs won’t taste that bad after thawing. You can preserve figs for up to months when frozen.

How long do figs last?

If you expect figs to last for a long time without providing good storage, you are wrong. Nothing in fruits or foods lasts for a pretty long time if not kept in favorable condition.

Figs also need a healthy environment to encourage their shelf life. After storage, the second-best thing behind figs’ long-lasting shelf life is selecting healthy, good figs.

Make sure to choose the best ripe figs among all. Figs offer a shelf life of five to seven days, which is extendable. Figs in your freezer last for six months, according to an educated estimate.

In your pantry or counter, not suitable for preserving for a longer period. Figs stay fine for two to three days when placed on the countertop. You can refrigerate figs to extend their shelf life. Precise storage methods are vital. For making your fruit last long, apply the given instruction mentioned in this article above.

How to tell if figs are bad?

Eating bad fruits is pathetic. You must know the time when you should discard your fruit. Usage of bad fruits in your dishes is a serious threat to health.

It is not hygienic at all to consume bad food. Here you go with some information about when to toss bad figs. Look for the symptoms in figs written in this article down.

  • Test the aroma. The bad fig will turn to have a sour smell. If you feel something off with the odor, try not to consume such figs. Off or sour odor indicates deteriorated figs.
  • Check for mold formation. Usually, we mistook the white powder on the surface of figs as molds. It is natural sugar, but not all the time. The molds on the surface of the fig are really bad. It would help if you did not intake such figs.