Do Eggs Go Bad

Do Eggs Go Bad?

What can I say about the egg that you don’t already know? It is a good source of protein. It can be used to be part of breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. It can be used for thousands of dishes of all kinds, from creams to garnishes, from cakes to cookies, from bread to soups, almost everything you can eat needs an egg to be made.

The uses of eggs for cooking seem unlimited, which is why they are an indispensable part of the foods you can find in kitchens around the world. You may get excited and buy more than you need because you know that you can use them for many things, but you may forget how long they can be kept in good condition and how to keep it, after all, they can go bad and a rotten egg is an egg you can’t eat.

How to Store Eggs

Once you buy your eggs, it is time to store them properly. Do you think that the eggs are capable of keeping themselves in good condition so that they do their thing when it comes to cooking by magic? Of course not. It is your responsibility that they do not spoil, so you must be careful when handling and storing them.

Once you have the eggs at home, you must make sure to follow a series of simple but necessary rules so that they are kept in good condition to keep them fit for consumption. You must remember to be careful when handling the eggs because they are fragile, and if they break, you will have to discard them. What you should do to save the eggs is:

Clean them carefully

Sometimes when you get the eggs, depending on where they come from, they will be dirty. Eggs that come directly from farms may have slight traces of dirt added to the hull, which can contaminate the egg’s interior. That is why you should take the time to clean egg by egg so that they are clean.

Avoid heat sources

If you buy a couple of eggs because you plan to do something overnight, you can store them in a pantry or a place at room temperature as long as it is cool, not in direct sunlight, and dry, the pantry can run for a day or two. If you leave them in another place exposed to heat or sun, they can be cooked halfway, and when you want to use them, you can find them in poor condition.

Keep them refrigerated

In general, if you plan to get eggs to use in the week’s trans-cross, then the idea is to store them in the refrigerator, where they will stay fresh for a long time without much problem, but you must remember that a door is never an ideal place because the temperature there fluctuates and does not offer a constant safe environment for the eggs; so it’s best to store them in the center or bottom of the refrigerator.

If you are careful enough and follow these steps, you will surely have your eggs in good condition to cook the dish you need when you need it without any problem.

Can You Freeze Eggs?

Everyone knows that to store almost any food for the long term, one must freeze it. It is always necessary to follow a procedure for this. In general, you cannot just leave what you need to freeze just like that without any protection because contrary to what you want. Other foods will contaminate it. The Cold by itself can damage itself. If it has liquids, it can break the container it comes in when expanding.

In the case of eggs, you cannot put the egg completely in the freezer because it will end up expanding and breaking its shell and will inevitably become contaminated, which is why the safe procedure to freeze the egg is to open the shell, pour the egg content in a container, and unless you intend to use it to boil it later. You must separate the whites from the yolk since they harden from the cold, and it isn’t easy to use them then.

How Long Does Eggs Last

Eggs can have a decent shelf life during which they can be consumed without any problem as long as you have followed the rules and procedures necessary to keep them in good condition while you store and handle them.

When you buy your carton of eggs, if you look at them closely, it comes with a date that indicates when they are no longer fresh. It is no longer safe to consume them. The truth is that despite what that date says, they can still be used even a week later, but only if they have been refrigerated for the entire time, they were stored.

The exact amount of time they can last in good condition is usually around two months from the moment they are first placed in the cardboard and a couple of weeks more if they are refrigerated. If you separate the yolk from the white, they can last individually, each between two and three days if you keep them refrigerated. If you freeze the eggs, they can last a year in good condition.

How to Tell If Eggs Is Bad

Despite the durability and great qualities and capabilities of eggs to be used in the kitchen with almost any dish, it does not mean that they will remain in their best condition forever. It is natural to expect that they will spoil if You do not use them at some point. Hence, we recommend that you consume them as soon as possible.

In case you have a couple of eggs, and you don’t know if they are in good condition, I regret to inform you that it is not always so easy to know if they are spoiled.

Sometimes the egg is completely white, and when it is damaged, its interior darkens, and you can easily notice this, but it is not always the case. To realize that it was damaged, you must open it and look inside. If you do not see any dirt, no, it smells bad, and everything looks good, so you can eat it, otherwise throw it away.

Another detail that you should pay attention to is that if you see a cracked or broken shell, the most sensible thing you can do is discard the entire egg. It is better not to risk consuming it and getting sick.


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